Hilton Hotel Downtown San Jose, Ca

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Despite being a local for BlogHer 2014Nancy and I opted to stay in a hotel. We’re lucky we could find availability during a large conference and ended up at the Hilton in downtown San Jose, California. It was nice to not have to worry about driving during the early morning hours or later evening hours.

The hotel was up to date and modern, and so was the room. It was spacious and provided enough space for both of our belongings and conference stuff. The king-sized bed was comfortable and had ample room on all sides. There was a TV, a writing desk, and my favorite, an oversized modern chair (really, I’m hunting for a big chair now!). The bathroom was well lit and large enough for two people to get ready in. And the best part, it was connected to the San Jose Convention Center, where BlogHer was.

I’d love to say that there were no downsides to staying here, but there were plenty. For starters, I was approved for early check-in, and when we arrived the room wasn’t ready. It wasn’t that big of a deal, I just stored our luggage and came back a couple of hours later. It just rubbed me the wrong way that they said it was ready when it wasn’t. The bathroom was beautiful but the bottom of our tub was peeling and the walls were pretty dirty. The water pressure was very slow. It really made us question the cleanliness of the rest of our room. Valet service took quite awhile to bring my car up, I waited up to 20 minutes one time. I tried to order breakfast several times and ended up on an answering machine. I was pretty vocal about the first couple of things that bothered me but felt like it was shrugged off, so I just went on to assume the hotel doesn’t care what it’s customers think. It was really frustrating and the whole experience is really still too fresh in my mind to forget about these details.

Overall I think that from a distance everything looks grand but there were a lot of the smaller details that just didn’t pan out the way that you’d expect in a hotel at this price point. All of these quirks aside, it is still one of the better options for staying in downtown San Jose, especially if you are attending a conference. I’ve stayed at other Hilton Hotels without a problem, so it could just be a one-off thing. I’d stay here again if I needed to.

Have you ever stayed somewhere that let you down? What did you do about it?

26 thoughts on “Hilton Hotel Downtown San Jose, Ca

  1. You are gorgeous! Suddenly I feel like I need to grow my hair longer. lol! Looks like a pretty room to stay in! Hope you enjoy! 🙂

  2. I’ve never really stayed anywhere that was a let down but then again I don’t travel much and when I do I am visiting family or friends! I am planning a surprise trip for my boyfriend so I am in the process of finding a nice hotel that isn’t too expensive!

  3. Oh BlogHer is something I just recently found out about and so can’t wait for 2015! You, your photos, and room all look amazing! I hope you will do a post about your experience at BlogHer too! 😀

  4. I am a new follower! I wandered over here from True Colours. I loved your post about Alaska!!!
    We stayed at the Opryland Resort in Nashville when we were there and would never stay anywhere else in Nashville again. It was an amazing trip and the hotel was gorgeous. We did have a bed bug incident at another hotel in Nashville and ended up checking out and getting our money back! That was by far our worse hotel experience ever and ever since then I am leery of hotels!!!

  5. that’s really strange! it might be a one off. Although I really love starwood hotels, jacob is pretty loyal to hilton. having certain issues at the hotel is one thing, but i don’t feel like that was a proper way to respond.

  6. I hate when hotels fall short like this. I am usually the first to compliment, but that also means when something goes wrong, I also will give a bad review.

  7. Great review! It’s always weird to me when staying in a chain hotel and one is off from the rest. It’s happened to us a few times. Never anything big but it’s always a tad disappointing when you are expecting a certain caliber and it isn’t delivered. Thank you for sharing!

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