19 thoughts on “Søren’s Black + White 2nd Birthday Party!

    1. Thank you Briseidy! Some things didn’t turn out but I think it was decent for a 2nd bday party. For some reason the 2nd ones never quite turn out right, lol.

  1. Beauitful photographs, I love the Number two made out of photographs thats so clever did it take a long time to do.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post

    1. Thanks! It didn’t really take a long time to do, I only had about 10 minutes. I printed all of the photos in a grid so when I trimmed them they had white space. I used a paper cutter/trimmer so that part went fast, then used a gluestick to glue them onto a piece of foamcore that I had cut roughly into the shape of a #2 after drawing an outline with pencil. I was in a huge rush before the party to get everything done, I’m sure I could have done it better.

  2. Wow, that’s incredible! I think that’s the most sophisticated (both in terms of color palette and the decorations/food) decoration I’ve seen for a baby’s birthday! Quite the accomplishment, congrats on a job well (and beautifully) done!



  3. Love this! Would you mind sharing how you made the food and favor labels? As a professional organizer I am a bit label obsessed and love the clean look of these 🙂

    1. I just printed them all in rows on a normal piece of paper (right aligned), then sliced with a paper cutter and glued around a toothpick. To finish them off I cut the little V notch to make them look like flags. 🙂 I did the same for his first birthday party but with a fancier font.

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