Summer Camp at Rainbow

Summer Camp happy smiles

I enrolled Aiden in a new private school after finding out that his old one sort-of went behind the parent’s backs and no longer offered kindergarten at the campus Aiden was on. They planned on bussing him to and from a different campus. Sorry, not happening in my book. I enjoy interacting with Aiden’s teacher on a daily basis and checking on his progress whenever I feel the need. I am paying them, it’s well-within my right to know that my money is being spent wisely, and that my son is getting the best education he can get, correct? Anyway, this new school I’m sending him to offers extremely small class sizes which really got me excited. His teacher might actually know where his sweater is located when I go to pick him up? Wow! What a concept.

Today was his first day and I think he enjoyed it. The staff is very friendly and aside from a little problem with being cranky and tired (no more naps), I think the day went smoothly. He did get a timeout for knocking over some kids block building though. Shame, shame. I’m blaming it on the no nap situation and we’ve had a talk and he is supposed to be a really good boy from now on. I’m chaperoning a field trip to California’s Great America on the 24th, so that should I’m excited about that. Aiden would be too if he had any clue what Great America was. Here are some photos from his first day of summer camp at his new school:

Morning before Summer Camp Excited for camp

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp at Rainbow

  1. He looks excited! LOL @ knocking some kids building blocks. Good thing he doesn’t read the comments because I say “WAY TO GO!!” haha

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