The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Steve worked late last night and sent me a text at about 5:45 to let me know that we could eat dinner without him. I have been busy painting Aiden’s room, so once I finished up a second coat I came down the hallway to tell Aiden that we can eat now. He tells me, “Mommy, I just saw Steve in the backyard”. What? Steve is working late tonight. I asked him if he was sure it was Steve and he was positive. I went to Aidens room (where I can see the driveway) and checked to see if his car was there, nope. I thought to myself, “Great, there is some creep in our backyard” (Keep in mind the entire back of our house is windows). So I let Yoda in (from the backyard) and put him in his crate and double checked the door locks and grabbed Aiden and ran across the street to my neighbors house. She urged me to call the cops but I told her I’d just leave Aiden there and go look myself since the cops here take their sweet time doing anything anyway.

I headed back across the street and grabbed a shovel from my garage on the way to the backyard thinking of course that if anyone was there I was ready to knock them out.  There’s nothing.I go back to my neighbors house and she is busting up laughing and I’m like, “What?!” She tells me that while I was gone Aiden told her that the guy standing in our backyard wasn’t Steve and that he was holding a sword and cut a hole in the window.  This is what happens when your five year old has a vivid imagination.

Last night we read The Boy Who Cried Wolf before bed.

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  1. Classic! He and Carson will be good friends – both have great – invent a story type – imaginations! You heard that Carson told his kindergarten teacher that he loves feeding the jacguars with his dad the zoo-keeper – right? A far cry from a soft-ware designer for Microsoft!

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