Things I love Today

I love these things today. Obviously I love my boys and puppies and I guess the cat, too.

But today specifically I love:

  • The look of a fresh pedicure. My toes are taxi yellow in hopes for spring.
  • French macaroons. Half a dozen raspberry, thanks.
  • The way Aiden runs to me when he’s been away. I hope this never stops.
  • Sleeping in. ‘Nuff said.
  • Clean kids fresh out of a bath.
  • Belgian waffles from scratch. Who doesn’t love these?
  • Flowers for no reason. I already had valentines flowers! 🙂

And most of all I love the insanely beautiful weather we’ve been having. Flip flops, yes please!

I realize this post is worthless without many photos so you’ll have to use your (most vivid) imagination.


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