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miami-manor-1 miami-manor-2 miami-manor-3
Miami, USA / The Miami Manor
8 Bedrooms, located on a private island.

costa-rica-casa-paradise-1 costa-rica-casa-paradise-2 costa-rica-casa-paradise-3
Costa Rica / Casa Paradise 
5 Bedrooms, 75 foot long infinity pool.

rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-1 rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-2 rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-3
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil / Casa Boa Vista
3 Bedrooms, Sweeping views of Rio De Janeiro.

florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-1 florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-2 florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-3
Florianópolis, Brazil – Special Emerald Villa
Seamless indoor/outdoor space. Breathtaking views.

medellin-wooden-medellin-1 medellin-wooden-medellin-2 medellin-wooden-medellin-3
Medellín, Colombia / Wooden Medellín
Loft style with a great sense of space and light.

I know that my Wanderlust posts are usually about a single location, but today I’d like to introduce you to a Oasis Collections, a company that merges luxury hotel-like service with vacation rental privacy. I always think about booking a vacation rental, but sometimes it’s nice to have convenient extras usually only found in hotels. I spent hours browsing their website and have narrowed my favorites down to the above dreamy locations.

I really love all of these for different reasons, but I think my favorite is the Florianópolis in Brazil. The bath tub and view alone are making me dream of a getaway.

Which one is your favorite?

All images are copyright Oasis Collections.

29 thoughts on “Oasis Collections

  1. I cannot stand these pictures! I have been road tripping a lot lately, but it’s definitely time to get a little bit more luxurious.

  2. Those first few photos are in Miami?! Man, I need to book me a flight to Florida. But it’s probably the palm trees luring me in, overlooking the swimming pool. That night time photo is gorgeous and I want to hop into one of those circle chairs and chill out in them.

  3. WOW. These places are truly stunning. I have to agree about that bath tub. Can you imagine, after a really hard day at the pool side, coming back to soak in the tub with a glass of wine and just a few candles in the room. Total bliss. Just incredible. I don’t think I’d want to know the price though…!

    Katie <3

  4. I’m torn on this. I love them all but I’m leaning towards Miami because “Private Island” sounds so fancy! Total wanderlust!

  5. I would come across this post as I’m avoiding work and pretending that researching a fall vacation spot counts as being productive. LOVE these.

  6. I think my brain finally broke down because I am in need of a vacation and the places you shared are just so beautiful I want to jump into the pictures

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