Highlands Inn in Carmel, California

The location that we’ve chosen for our wedding is the Highlands Inn in Carmel, California. We both have an affinity for the Northern California coastline and spend a lot of our time there since we live so close, so it’s perfect. I think the Highlands Inn is amazingly beautiful and swoon every time I think about it.

I plan to do very simple decoration to the arch, as I love it’s architectural qualities. I hope the weather is nice in June and that the fog will stay away since we’re having a sunset wedding. The room we’re using for our dinner and after-wedding festivities is sized according to our very intimate guest list, haha. I will focus more on the table in that aspect, with some candles or something else romantic.

I’m undecided on wedding colors but I’m sure they will come to me. I’ve always loved a very light blush pink, so I hope to include that as well.

Highlands Inn, a Carmel, California wedding venue Highlands Inn, a Carmel, California wedding venue All images copyright Highlands Inn.

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