Week 39, Blocks on Blocks

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They love these blocks. I’ve been a mama of two boys for almost two and-a-half years now and am still mesmerized by their relationship. Sometimes they drive each other crazy, but most of the time they are a perfect pair. Lately they’ve been into stacking blocks together. Søren stops to exclaim, “We are building a tower, mama!” just before he knocks it to the ground. He stacks the blocks up again, and after awhile he stops knocking them down intentionally. Isn’t it funny how at such a young age kids learn the power of building something up?

It starts with blocks, sometimes only two at a time, then evolves into towers that stand over their head. Before you know it the “I love you Mama” that was once whispered softly in your ear becomes the deafening silence of a teenager. I usually get a strange look when I share that my boys are 8 and-a-half years apart, but I feel like the time between them is just enough to make me fully appreciate the stage of life they are in at this moment. So if you need me I’ll be here, ever present in this moment of blocks and towers and love and silence.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

40 thoughts on “Week 39, Blocks on Blocks

  1. Jess, I had tears in my eyes just seeing the two of them playing in the silence.
    By the time I looked at them all, and read the beautiful words that you said, my heart just melted.

  2. I love the 52 project! It’s crazy to look back at the weeks and see how fast your children have grown in such a short amount of time! They are going to love looking back at this when they get older <3

  3. Those blocks look like so much fun! I’m admiring your teepee too. What a fabulous, open play space your boys have. I wish I had that luxury in my house, it’s so small, I call it the doll house!

  4. Love this! Blocks are the best toy ever! My sister and I are 8 years apart and it was a completely different dynamic than your boys have. It is so great that they are able to play together and have fun 🙂

  5. I love this series! When I have kids, I totally want to do something like this! I also love that teepee! My future kids are totally going to have one of those

  6. Are those first blocks from Petit Collage? This was a beautiful post, I absolutely loved your pictures and I could totally see how the age gap makes you appreciate each and every stage that much more! 🙂

  7. It is amazing how fascinated a kid can be by blocks! My kiddos love them as well. They provide entertainment for much longer than you think they would.

  8. Love those pretty boys. Aiden seems like he’s so good with Soren. and by the way, totally don’t want to make you sad, but Soren is already so much bigger than when I first met you and started reading your blog. KINDA CRAZY!

  9. A beautiful project idea. I believe you will truly appreciate this in years to come. They grow up so fast. Believe me — my oldest is 21 and it seems like she was just 6.

  10. Love the last sentence “So if you need me I’ll be here, ever present in this moment of blocks and towers and love and silence.” I am 20 years apart form my brother, we are 35 and 15 respectively and I love that we are so far apart in age. I haven’t felt the calling of motherhood but I feel like I know parts of it because of him. Your boys are so lucky to have each other. Oh and on another note, I love that tent! I just want to crawl in and read a book!

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