Week 42, Light and Dark

Shadow PuppetNight light

The boys are really starting to enjoy the early sundown. For his camping trip to the desert, Steve bought a little portable LED lantern that they’ve been having a blast with. We’re still playing musical rooms, but they seem to enjoy their new space regardless of the messy transition we’re in. Progress feels so slow right now, but most of it is tedious organization and cleaning. I hope to have everything done by Aiden’s 11th birthday in a few short weeks!

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

How do you feel about the earlier sunset?

24 thoughts on “Week 42, Light and Dark

  1. I’m not a fan of the early sunset! I prefer the sun stay out as long as it does, during the summer months. Primarily because I never venture out after dark and I’m afraid of it (hush now), and also because Alfie needs to go piddle outside and I will not bring him until The Guy comes home from work, hhahaa.

  2. These pictures are SO. GOOD. AHHH.

    And… I’m in the boo-dark-nights crowd. I think it’s because darkness makes me think I should be sleeping! I spend WAY too many waking hours wanting to nap these days. 🙂

  3. I do not like earlier sunset, EXCEPT that my daughter goes to sleep better when the sun isn’t still shining in her window in the evenings! 😉

  4. These are such fun pictures, I remember making shapes using our hands against the walls to create shadows when I was little.

    Your portrait project is so cute!

    Katie <3

  5. I actually hate this part of the fall/winter. Going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark, it makes me feel tired and that there aren’t enough hours in the day! My hubby loves it for photography though!

  6. Personally, I hate early nights but I’m glad your children are enjoying it. It’s great to see kids having fun with something that isn’t electronic.

  7. These photos are great! we are going through a similiar transition right now ans it feels like it’s taking us FOREVER to get settled!

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