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Gingerbread House

This weekend we followed our past tradition and decorated a gingerbread house. It was just a box kit. Maybe next year I’ll attempt one from scratch. Maybe.

team-wiking-gingerbread-house-1 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-2 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-3 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-4team-wiking-gingerbread-house-5 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-6 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-7 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-8 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-9 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-10 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-11 team-wiking-gingerbread-house-12

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One comment

  1. How are yours so perfect?? Mine always looks like a complete mess lol.