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Great America Amusement Park

Not too long ago Aiden’s school had a field trip to California’s Great America and I volunteered to chaperone. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t been a chaperone before, and we were headed to an amusement park, but after we each broke into smaller groups so I only had 3 kids to watch.

We got there early in the morning, at the same time the park opened. All of the kids behaved so well and really loved the rides. Aiden even went on his first roller coaster. I think sometimes they feed off of each other’s adrenaline rush, haha. We also went on everything else in the kids area, and an adult roller coaster called Psycho Mouse.

After going on most of the rides we broke off to enjoy lunch, and then headed to the water play area. I tread the kids to some ice cream and then it was time to head home.

It was really smoky from the summer wildfires that day, you can see it in the last photo.

California's Great America Amusement park in California Amusement park in California Amusement park in California California's Great America

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