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Life In Between, July

country sunset

Our July was busy, really busy. We celebrated the Fourth of July with family in the Central Valley, we took a trip to Maui, and did a ton of other seemingly huge things. While these make great memories, you know I love the tiny details that I hope my little ones will remember most when they’re grown. Like the fleeting life of a sparkler, and how we have to drive to Grandma’s house to buy any because they are illegal here, and how I always make them pose together for at least one photo during each beach trip.

I hope that they grow to a point where they cherish these photos forever, and I hope it brings back all the details they may forget with age. I hope they remember sand in their toes and dirt in their hair because they were allowed to (safely) explore the world around them. I hope they remember forts in the living room and pretending to be asleep after promising to nap in them (doesn’t happen), and I hope they remember evening walks to cool down because the summer has been too hot to be inside the house. I want them to remember far away family coming to visit and that distance doesn’t mean anything if you’re willing to maintain a relationship with someone. I want them to cherish these #LifeInBetween moments forever, just like I will.

fourth of july fireworks fourth of july fireworks fourth of july fireworks maptote on the beach

California TeesMap Tote

moments in between no naptime evening walk evening walk playing jenga danish cousins in aptos, california playing in water playing in water cute pomeranian rays of light rays of light

These photos are part of my Life In Between photo series, click here to view them all.

I’ve had such a great time following along with your #LifeInBetween moments on Instagram as well, and I encourage you to keep noticing, enjoying, and documenting them. If you haven’t shared any, won’t you join me?

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  1. These photos are AMAZING!!! Love those types of memories.. its what we really all cherish. That’s what is important. My favorite memory is running through the sprinklers. You can always visit Ohio and run through ours!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  2. This is so beautiful! What a great perspective of what photos really are.

  3. I am loving your last few post, you are capturing such beautiful moments!

  4. Enjoyed the article in Artful Blogging! You content & style is very nice.
    Christie @

    1. Hi Christie, I’m so happy you took the time to find me. Thank you so much for the kind words.

  5. What a lovely post & I do hope your children remember those tiny details in all of the trips you have. Those are some of the best moments honestly & I remember those awkward family photos and poses which I hated back then but appreciate now because I have them to cherish and I remember better what the experience was like. Photos are incredible and the moments in between those crazy events are so important to remember. Lovely! xx

  6. love the pictures! I am sure they will grow up and cherish them — I sure do love the ones my parents took!

  7. Ahhh how fun!! These are stunning photos!! <3

    Amanda | http://www.TheChambrayBunny.com

  8. Your pictures are amazing! Looks like you guys made some lifelong memories! Family trips make the best memories. My siblings and I always have the best laughs talking about our old trips!

  9. such a lovely post Jessica! I’m sure they will remember all this…beautiful photos!

  10. These pictures are so great!!! I love looking at lifestyle posts. They are so fun to go through and even fun for us as bloggers to look back on our adventures!

  11. I’m sure they will come to love the pics- I mean, how could they not?! You are amazing.
    Southern Elle Style

  12. I can’t get enough of your blog! I seriously love how family oriented your life is! I know that might sound weird but I feel like so many families these days are so disconnected that it’s nice to see one that actually spends time together!


  13. Sometimes we are so busy trying to live this life that we’re in, that we don’t notice the “little” things along the way. As we age, we have all of the wonderful photo’s to help us remember those most precious moments in time. We always remember the siblings that we have lost and miss so desperately, and then there it is……..a picture, that brings back all of the sadness and all of those precious memories. All good, about the happy times. Then there is our own children who have passed way before their time. And then, there it is…..a picture of him that will consume me for several hours, which will linger on for the rest of my life.
    And so granddaughter…..you are on a “mission” with your pictures, whether they are still life or video, that you will have forever. It is a good thing.
    I know that you have lots of fond memories of your gpa and me, that one day when we are gone, you will find it……a picture that brings every thing back, good and sad.

    I Love you so much

  14. I wish you lived in Dallas… you are such a talented photographer. I am always in love with your stunning pictures. It looks like you and the family have had a fun and packed summer! So inspiring how much you do with your kids and what fun things you take them to do!

    xo, Nickie