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Life in Between, September 2015

Palm Tree at dusk

September has been a month of surprises for us, and luckily most of them have been pleasant. I attended Aiden’s back-to-school night and learned more about all of his teachers. It seems like they are all going to be great this year, so that’s definitely a positive note. I spent a day at the Brit + Co Re:Make workshop and it was so energizing to be around so many creatives. I had the pleasure of meeting Brit Morin, the founder of Brit + Co and also ran into one of my favs, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. to be surrounded by. The day after, I was invited to Le Diner in San Francisco, and it was absolutely stunning! I am still in awe of how beautiful the event was.

Steve spent a weekend away with the guys (and of course all of their RC / drones / etc.) Sometimes people ask if I mind when he goes away. While it used to bother me a lot because I don’t like to be home alone, I’ve come to realize that ultimately spending some time apart every now and then strengthens our bond. I love to see him happy and able to relax and pursue his passions. Plus, it gives the boys some “Mommy time” and we make pancakes every morning. I reconnected with a friend and have been having play-date meetups with Søren and her little one. It’s amazing how much less stressed I feel when we are able to leave the house during the week. When I first had Søren it was really hard for me to get out and I definitely felt the effects of it. Fresh air is good for you!

Aiden had his back to school dance last week and although he was hesitant to go, he had a ton of fun. He brought me home a decorated giant marshmallow, and I received reassuring text messages from parent chaperones. They must have known how nervous I was for him to attend his first school dance. I am so very proud of how far he’s come and how well he’s settled into middle school. Søren is still napping and has actually been helping me get some work done during the day. He is very curious when I take photos for recipes, and loves to be my little taste tester.

Right now I’m headed to Grand Cayman to learn a bit more about Camana Bay, so be sure to follow along via instagram!

Palo Alto Junior Museum and ZooBrit Morin of Brit + Co, Jessica Doll of Team Wiking, and Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day Behind the scenes, shooting a recipe First school dance Reading by head-lamp Like father, like son. Raspberry Pi and Hovership Giant spider in yard Glowsticks in the living room Plane at dusk

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I’ve had such a great time following along with your #LifeInBetween moments on Instagram as well, and I encourage you to keep noticing, enjoying, and documenting them. If you haven’t shared any yet, won’t you join me?

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  1. I LIVE off peaches these days. I think we went through 4 cases of Trader Joe’s peaches this month.

    1. I have a delish recipe coming up for you! 🙂