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Week 2, The Walk Home

Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup Week 2 of 52 Weeks, Photos and Linkup

In this second week of my 52 Weeks Series I wanted to share a bit of our normal routine, but different. Søren has officially started to give up the stroller. He prefers to walk to get Aiden but doesn’t quite make it all the way. The stroller comes along sometimes, others it stays home and I get an extra workout. The day I took these photos he held Aiden’s hand most of the way. He’s beginning to admire him as more than just the older brother with cooler toys. I’m so lucky to watch their relationship grow, and I’m so thankful that we were able to give Aiden a sibling. He is such a nurturing and caring older brother. I feel so content with both of these boys, my heart is full.

Keep reading if you want to share photos from your second week in the linkup.

52 Weeks is a portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2015. To see the whole series, click here.

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  1. Really lovely photos. I did have a question for you though – how did you decide that you wanted your kids to have such a large presence on your blog and was this something that you ever had reservations about at first or ever did? I know that family blogs are more and more common these days, and I know that I hope to catalogue my family once I have one on my blog as well – it’s wonderful to be able to share your adventures with others but it also makes a great personal record that your children can look back on. I just wonder sometimes about privacy. Also, do you kids notice the camera or are they not at all bothered by it? I would assume at family events and on weekends it’s just the same as taking pictures before the internet age, but I wonder if at a certain age they begin to get self conscious about such things? Or when they get older if they decide they do not want to be featured how that impacts your blog? I personally enjoy your blog so much and think it’s very kind and open of you to share pieces of your days with your readers, but was just curious if these things ever came up.

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. Thank you for the compliments. I have been blogging for a very long time, since 1999! The blog that I had from 1999-2005 was much more personal and open than the one that I have now. I used to blog about my daily life in general and was young and dealt with quite a bit of negative feedback from the internet, so I’d like to think that I learned a lot in my early blogging years. This blog was created as a way for us to share photos with our far-away families but it has evolved to include our interests as well. I don’t give as many intimate details and am very careful not to reveal personal information like what school my son goes to or where my husband works. The kids don’t ever mind the camera, I think they are used to it. I honestly don’t spend THAT much time taking photos. Sometimes we go places and I don’t take any. I like to plan ahead and make a mental list of what photos I’d like to tell the story of that day so I am prepared when that moment may arise but can relax during other times. It’s become something that just comes naturally to me. I would never share anything embarrassing or incriminating (lol) of the boys but if one day they didn’t want me to blog about them, I wouldn’t. I don’t think that I would lose my sense of adventure or love for taking photos if they didn’t want to be a part. 🙂

      1. This is a great response and I think that your approach to family blogging is the right one. i also appreciate the time you took to answer this question so thoroughly! I am sorry that you had such negative experiences with blogging at the beginning of your blogging career – people on the internet can be very cruel sometimes.

      2. Actually… just thinking about it – as bloggers who share parts of our personal lives, even when we do not have kids, we still have to consider our partners and friends. To be kind of honest, I was a bit sneaky about introducing Nick (my boyfriend) on the blog, and about explaining to him that our holiday pictures would end up there, but over time he knows they are out there and since I sort of gradually introduced him to the whole thing, he seems to accept it.

        Like you I don’t ever share personal details though. I do think that some blogs that are extremely personalized are really fun to read – for example, I know a friend who has blogged about her life as a single woman in Berlin and blogs quite intimate details of her experiences, but these are more text-based blogs and i think names remain anonymous which kind of allows for this sort of blog to work.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your boys. You can feel the love they have for each other in these shots 🙂

  3. Love the shots, Jessica!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  4. The last shot of the palm trees are GORGEOUS. Wow.