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Week 6, Be Mine

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The weather was more par for the season this weekend, so we stayed in and made Valentines. Aiden chose to make woven Danish hearts, something that started slower than we anticipated. Aiden is still working on weaving his hearts, which we will put a nice note inside, or a small trinket of some sort. I think he caught on to the weaving process quicker than I did. For Søren, I had some wooden hearts left over from a failed Christmas project so he painted them and I made them into necklaces. Søren’s just need a card to attach them to so he can pass them out. He’s very proud of his work and has been wearing his necklace for the last few days. Taking it off for nap time or bed has become a war in itself.

Did you make or buy your Valentine’s as a child? If you have children, do you make or buy theirs?

52 Weeks is a portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2015. To see the whole series, click here.

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  1. I love the woven heart idea … and Soren’s face is PRICELESS … he obviously was very proud of his work!!

    1. He was really proud, but that face was a result of me asking Aiden to “Say monkeys!” for his nice smile, and when I wen to snap a photo of Søren he said, “Say monkeys!” and smiled huge. 🙂

  2. those are so lovely! lucky recipients 😀

    1. Søren has insisted that we wear ours around the house all day, it’s really cute.

  3. Oh my goodness, Soren’s hair is so long! Your boys are both so sweet, and I love that you guys made Valentine’s. We’re making them too – but it’s from a kit at the craft store!

  4. this is wonderful!! everything turned out beautiful, with such simple materials!

  5. OMG the photos are amazing. So crisp and perfection. I need woven hearts in my life.

  6. I really, really love that necklace! I would actually wear that myself!

  7. What beautiful photos and a creative Valentine’s Day craft!

  8. I have three girls and they love craft projects. They make me one and they get a nice chocolate heart from mamma. Love the hearts on the necklace too.

  9. Aww this is so adorable! I love seeing kids do stuff like this because nowadays, more kids are drawn to their gadgets.

  10. As always your boys are just gorgeous!
    We’ve been busy working on Valentine’s gifts too. Lola and I made marshmallows to hand out at preschool and somehow I’ve found myself making all of Ava’s myself! She did pose nicely for the photos on the cards though 😉