Aiden Gets a Game Ball!

I’m so proud of Aiden today. He did such a good job at his baseball game that he got to keep the game ball! He paid attention the whole time instead of wandering around to pick grass. It’s always so frustrating as a parent to see your kid veer off the regular course. He’s not usually the only one who picks grass, so I’m not too worried.

In the end of the game when they gave the ball to him he was so excited. I have to find some sort of holder for it so it stays nice. I will keep it with his trophies in his memory box. I took some pictures at the game too. It was nice to actually be able to take pictures since it was overcast (more even lighting, yay!), and a tidbit cold too! Aiden wore his sweater most of the time.

I hope this helps to teach him that if he focuses on a goal in live he can achieve it, even if it takes a little patience and hard work to get there.

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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Every morning it’s always a rush to get out the door on time. I’m usually tripping while trying to put my shoes on and guide Aiden out the door while not forgetting anything important like backpacks or car keys. Then it’s a walk to the car and out the gates to make it to preschool and work on time. Luckily these lemon poppy seed muffins are so delicious and easy to snag on the way out.

I usually feed Aiden a more full breakfast but it’s hard sometimes in the rush of things for me to get a bite. These Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins are just a box mix from Krusteaz but they’ve been one of my favorites lately. I keep them on a cake platter with the lid on so they stay fresh for a few days, and then we just grab one when we’re hungry or headed out the door. The boys love them too, and I can’t blame them. Have a look for yourself!

I’d love to hear if you have any tips or tricks for making it out the door on time, or even to hear about what your routine is in the morning. Maybe you can inspire me to do better, haha!

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Conversations With a 4 Year Old

Every now and then, and usually at dinner Aiden will have these spurts of “wisdom”, we shall call it. Conversations with a 4 year old are so funny sometimes. Really it is his imagination running wild and it likes to do that quite often. What you are about to see, are real snippets of conversations with a four year old.

Me: “Aiden what do aliens look like?”

Aiden: “Like this with a head (see image).”

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Backyard Camping at Camp Cambrian

For the past few months we have been talking about going camping. I only owned a small tent and one sleeping bag. So I found a great five person tent on Amazon and we picked up some other camping supplies at Target. We tried to figure out a weekend that would be good to go. Memorial Day weekend didn’t seem very practical as everyone else would be doing the same thing and most places nearby were already booked up.

So where did we decide to go? We went backyard camping!

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