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What camera do you use?
Canon 5DMKIII. Read more about my gear, and my recommendations here.

What is your favorite lens?
My Canon 35MM F/1.4L almost never leaves my camera. My Canon 135 F/2L is a very close second. You can read my photography tips by clicking here.

Where is your stroller from?
The main stroller we use at home is a Bugaboo Cameleon. We also have a Missoni Fabric Kit, a Gray “Breezy” Shade, and a Dark Khaki Breezy Shade for it. It’s our main stroller for walking around the neighborhood, and with the Travel Bag, we took it on our trip to Denmark.

We also had a Bugaboo Bee All Black with a Dark Khaki Breezy Shade that we used with the Compact Travel Bag for travel, it went to Seattle with us. I also use it when I go to smaller shopping areas or other places that I know I’ll want a more easy and compact fold.