Pike Place Market / Seattle, Washington

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This moment from our trip to Seattle is a little special for me since I got to spend some quality time with my older son. It was one of the days that Steve had to work, so I took the kids out to The Pike Place Market for a little shopping and exploration. We visited the gum wall which was undeniably gross, and walked through all of the little shops and such. The buzz of the market made the perfect white noise to keep Søren asleep through most of it. Aiden and I made our way through the different levels and only got lost looking for the elevator a couple of times, haha. Aiden’s favorite market treat was a bag of grapes and mine was the delicious cookies we are holding in the photo above. It was definitely an interesting experience with a lot to see and do. I’d love to visit again.

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Responses to “Pike Place Market / Seattle, Washington”

  1. markets are fascinating! really! great photos 😉

    1. Thank you Briseidy!

  2. I love Pike Place! Such a great market. It’s hard to get that one on one bonding time in with the kids, isn’t it 🙂


    1. It is. We’ve been working harder at making sure it happens, especially the older one who is in school during the week.

  3. Pikes Place is my favorite! I love it there.

    1. It was a lot of fun!

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