May 30, 2014

Colombia Center Observatory / Seattle, Washington

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If you go only two places in Seattle make them the Space Needle and the Colombia Center, for then you will have been able to view all of Seattle. The Sky View Observatory is located on the 73rd floor of Colombia Center. Being 967 feet tall makes it the tallest building in Washington State and one of the tallest buildings on the entire West Coast. You have to take two elevators to get to the Sky View Observatory, which makes it seem even taller. This was one of my favorite stops, the view is different than the Space Needle, and it’s less crowded. The height isn’t scary to me, as you are up in the clouds it feels a little more disconnected and less scary. The boys spent the entire time going from one window to the next and pointing out things they recognized from earlier in our trip.

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Amazing views – even with all that grey. I guess that’s Seattle!
I love the shot of the docks with the cranes and containers. It almost looks as though it’s a model.

Pretty much! It does look like a model, it felt like we were on a plane we were so far up.

Those pink blossoms <3. Almost as good as palm trees.

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