Road Trip Essentials


01. Baseball Cap / 02. Sunglasses / 03. Healthy Snacks / 04. Neutral Lipstick / 05. Leggings / 06. Comfortable Tee / 07. Jacket / 08. Camera / 09. Comfortable Flats / 10. Notebook / 11. Juice / 12.  Hand Cream / 13. Clutch / 14. Coin Purse / 15. Water Bottle

We had a few thoughts about road tripping to Seattle for our last trip, but it just didn’t seem fun with the kids right now. Perhaps when Søren is older and can go more manageable distances in the car at a time. On my last road trip, I took a drive down Highway 1. It’s one of my favorite drives to take, and the best part of it can be seen for a few hours during the day. These are some of my essentials for the trip:

01. Baseball Cap / I always bring a comfortable hat in case my hair gets messed up.
02. Sunglasses / I can’t stand to drive with the sun in my eyes, so I keep a pair in my car.
03. Healthy Snacks / I’m always tempted to get fast food if I don’t have something healthy on hand.
04. Neutral Lipstick / I like this neutral color because it doesn’t require liner with reapplication.
05. Leggings / I prefer thicker leggings but love the comfy waist while sitting up for awhile.
06. Silk Tee / This tee is light and comfy. I always untuck mine from the seatbelt for no wrinkles.
07. Jacket / Something to throw on when you get out of the car, if you need it.
08. Camera / I always have my camera with me, and find my 35mm lens works best in the car.
09. Comfy Flats / Comfortable black loafers have been my go-to shoe for at least a year now.
10. Travel Notebook / This one says “Escape the Ordinary” on the front, fitting for a road trip.
11. Juice / BluePrint’s Pineapple Apple Mint is my most favorite drink of choice for the car.
12. Hand Cream / L’Occtaine’s 1oz hand creams are perfect to bring, but don’t use too much!
13. Clutch / I don’t usually carry a large purse, so this has all I need when I’m not in the car.
14. Coin Purse / This cute little coin purse is perfect to hold quarters for any metered parking.
15. Water Bottle / I love the size of these water bottles and how easy they are to carry.


Obviously you’d need to also pack spare clothing and such for a trip if you plan to stay the night anywhere. This is just more for a leisurely cruise. The photo below is from my trip down Highway

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Responses to “Road Trip Essentials”

  1. So glad you posted your travel essentials! I’m always interested in what other bloggers bring along on road trips. I need to try those healthy snacks. 🙂

    1. I love any sort of fruit, so dried or fresh is always a go-to for me. Though you can’t always drag fresh through an airport. 🙁

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