Oct 19, 2015

Welcome to Hej Doll!

Welcome to hej doll!

I’m Jessica Doll, a professional photographer, avid traveler, and stylish mama living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

hej doll (hi doll) is my blog about travel, life, and style. In the past you may have known me as Team Wiking, but over the last year the focus has been less on personal posts about my family, and more about our lifestyle in California and beyond.

I travel often, sometimes with my family, sometimes alone, sometimes with only the kids, and sometimes with just my husband and I. My favorite thing about travel is what you learn along the way. I enjoy everything about it, from flying to packing.

Our Travels – This is all of our travels as a family, alone, or otherwise laid out in a helpful map.

Travel Light – Started in 2012, this series aims to help you pack stylishly for your trips in a carry on.

City Guides – Favorite things to eat, see, and do in various places.

Snapshots – Instead of traditional reviews, I show more intimate details of places we’ve gone.


We don’t travel full time, so we spend time at home as well. This section includes inspiration for life at home, from recipes to holiday decor.

Eat – My favorite recipes to restaurant visits are here.

Celebrate – Parties I’ve hosted and Holiday decor.

Home – Details about our home, and a house tour section.

Minimalism – I live life on the minimal side and enjoy a peaceful home.

My Family – My more personal posts are found here.

Photo Tips – I am a professional photographer and share helpful posts to improve your photos.


I enjoy fashion and wearing clothes I love. Here I share my outfits and ideas on a capsule wardrobe.

My Outfits – Outfits I’ve worn in different places, at home or away.

Minimal Closet – My take on a minimal wardrobe of 50 items.

Shop – Here you can shop all of my recent finds and items I’ve used in posts, in one place.

I hope you enjoy my new site, I will update Monday through Friday every week starting October 26, 2015. You can follow along below!

Bloglovin’ / An easy RSS reader and a space to organize blogs you follow.
Twitter / I participate in lots of travel and blogging chats, as well as post random tweets.
Pinterest / My favorite space to save all of my inspiration for travel, life, and style.
Instagram / I post 1-3 beautiful photos daily from my life.
Facebook / Facebook is a place for mostly photos.
Snapchat / @hejdoll I post lots of behind the scenes content, unfiltered of course.

Jessica Doll of Hej Doll. A travel, life, and style blog.

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[…] Meet Jessica Doll who is a professional photographer, avid traveler and stylish Mama from San Francisco Bay Area! She created her blog to inspire others by the simple modern luxuries found in California and beyond and we love this website! […]

I’m so excited for this next adventure in your blogging career. Looking forward to this blog & can’t wait to work with you (hopefully soon) in the near future. Good luck with this new blog! You know I’ll be popping in and out regularly leaving you comments and spreading the positivity. By the way, love the layout and look of the new blog- you did a great job! xx, adaatude.com

hey, doll and hey, hey team waking! congratulations on the change – I loved the old site but looking forward to the new one! congratulations!

I absolutely love this new brand! It’s unique and easy to remember! Congratulations on the new new!

Your new set-up and all is so lovely! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂

Love the new look and name!

Thank you. 🙂 I’m excited about it better matching content.

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