Mar 24, 2019

My Birthday Wishlist

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Above: 1. X Earrings, 2. Illesteva Leonard Slim-fit Round Mirrored Sunglasses, 3. Hansel From Basel Moon & Stars Socks, 4. Full Moon Temporary Tattoo, 5. This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck, 6. Be a Good Human Metal Straw Kit, 7. The Sill Silver Philodendron In Small Grant Planter, 8. Cuyana Croc-Embossed Wide Strap Mini Bucket Bag, 9. TKees Dem Sandals.

Turning 34 this year isn’t something that phased me. As I grow older, even moreso than when I was in my twenties, I find that ae is just a number. I’m a firm believer that you’re only as old as you feel and though where I’m at now in my life is vastly different than where I was then, I still feel young as can be.

I’m not normally a big shopper but with my birthday month in full swing I sometimes get in the mood to do a little shopping for myself. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite finds that would land themselves on my birthday list. My favorites are definitely the earrings and croc-embossed handbag.

1. X Earrings by AUrate
Crafted in New York from ethically sourced conflict-free gold, the X earrings are both simple and elegant. I normally wear simple solitaire studs every day but I’d love to switch them up sometime and these fit the bill perfect. All jewelry from AUrate comes with a lifetime warranty, transparent pricing, and with each purchase you donate a book to a child in need.

2. Illesteva Leonard Slim-fit Round Mirrored Sunglasses
These are the same style and brand as my signature silver glasses, but in a sightly different color. These glasses are made in Italy, can be fitted with prescription lenses, and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

3. Hansel From Basel Moon & Stars Socks
While I don’t own these beauties, I do own several of a similar style designed by Hansel from Basel. Artist-turned-sockmaker Hannah Byun loves to come up with inventive legwear that you can plan an outfit around. Made in Japan, these socks are sure to turn heads, if not spin an entire galaxy around them.

4. Full Moon Temporary Tattoo
Another out of this world pick. I’ve had my eye on getting my first tattoo but haven’t quite worked up the courage to do so. This gorgeous temporary number would do just fine in the interim. This full moon tempor temporary tattoo by Tattoorary will last for two days up to a week. Measures approximately 2 x 2 inches.

5. This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck
Really, it is. Compiled of a diverse assortment of gut-wrenching stories, powerful anecdotes, whimsical observations, and overall joyful expressions. The author relinquishes social constructs with command and grace. Her rare eloquence is mesmerizing and inclusive to all readers. This collection takes you to extraordinary places and doesn’t return you quite the same.

6. Be a Good Human Metal Straw Kit by Last Straw.
Strive to do more for yourself and the planet by refusing plastic straws while you’re out and about with this handy kit. These beautiful straws come in a variety of sizes, in a reusable storage pouch. Each straw is made of non-toxic anodized stainless steel. This product is made with a 100% cotton exterior and a food safe waterproof interior lining to protect from your straws and can be wiped clean.

7. The Sill Silver Philodendron In Small Grant Planter
The Philodendron Silver is an easy-care plant that requires very little attention to thrive. It does not require much light and loves to dry out completely between waterings. The plant comes in an earthenware pot measuring 4.25″ tall and 5″ wide. The good news for you all with a black thumb, The Sill guarantees their plants up to a year from purchase date.

8. Cuyana Croc-Embossed Wide Strap Mini Bucket Bag
Crafted in Turkey from Italian leathers, this diminutive design is inherently feminine and unabashedly fun. Thoughtful details include a leather tie closure and covered snap while the interior phone pocket offers added peace of mind.
Designed in San Francisco by Cuyana and can be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth.

9. TKees Dem Sandals
An ancient-inspired classic, this sandal is made in Brazil of leather. Features a bold strap and delicate toe ring. For a more minimal style, I love and own the TKees Gemma Sandals. I suggest sizing up in both.

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i need to to put together my bday wish list , great inspo

All of these gifts were so cute and creative. I absolutely love the x earrings from AUrate and can’t wait to get a pair.

Wow, those gold earrings are so elegant! I love how each purchase provides a book for a child in need!

Everything is super cute, hope your birthday is awesome!

I love those earrings!! So cute and simple!

The sunglasses are so pretty! Love them

I have a tattoo of a constellation so the socks are right up my alley too!

I love the X earrings! Those are so simple, yet elegant. Great gift idea!!

Those sunnies are so perfect for the Summer! I need to grab a pair.

These pieces are perfect gift ideas I always struggle to find gifts of the right price and equal meaning.

These pieces are all perfect! I always struggle to find gifts of the right price and equal meaning. Thanks for sharing!

Shopping for my sister’s birthday is always the hardest part of the year for me – but I absolutely love those earrings!

Thanks for the suggestions!

The sandles seem great. Thanks for the list…

I love how the X earrings are simple and elegant. It’s also great that AUrate offers warranty.

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