May 20, 2014

Week 20, Little Artists

team-wiking-20-52-weeks-1team-wiking-20-52-weeks-2 team-wiking-20-52-weeks-3team-wiking-20-52-weeks-4 team-wiking-20-52-weeks-5 team-wiking-20-52-weeks-6team-wiking-20-52-weeks-7 team-wiking-20-52-weeks-8team-wiking-20-52-weeks-9 team-wiking-20-52-weeks-10 Finger-painting was not my best idea this week. I’ll probably wait awhile (see also a few years) to bring this out again.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

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Lollll why is he bawling in the last few pics?

Does not like paint on his feet, even though he is the one who climbed on top of the table/wet paint / art.. Lol. 🙁

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