Feb 01, 2018

24 Hours in Downtown Napa

This post is sponsored by Downtown Napa.

24 Hours in Downtown Napa

Last year the North Bay area was ravaged by fires, including many parts of Napa Valley. As a place close to both my heart and home, I felt so deeply for so many of my fellow Californian’s in trouble. Many of my friends and family personally donated their time and resources to helping rebuild the area. This year Downtown Napa reached out to me to come check the area out and there’s no way I could say no. My last visit to Downtown Napa was one of my favorites, and I learned how walkable it actually was. This time was no different, so today I’ve teamed up with Downtown Napa to sharing my 24 hours there with you!

Saturday, 11AM: My husband and I packed up and left the house around 11. Traffic is always a little iffy to navigate through the bay area, but luckily we made it to Napa in good time, traveling up highway 880, then over to 680.

24 Hours in Downtown Napa 24 Hours in Downtown Napa

Saturday, 1PM: We made it to downtown after a stop for gas and were able to check in to our hotel early, yay! We were lucky to be hosted by one of my wishlist hotels, Archer Hotel. After settling into our room, we did some walking around the hotel. The rooftop isn’t open yet, but I’m hoping to return when it does.

Archer Hotel Napa
Located in the heart of Downtown Napa, Archer Hotel has been on my wishlist since long before it opened. Not only does it have an amazing and central location, the hotels decor is so dreamy, I promise I’ll share more later!
1230 1st St, Napa, CA 94559 (www)

24 Hours in Downtown Napa 24 Hours in Downtown Napa

Saturday, 2PM: We took a walk down first street to one of my favorite places downtown, Oxbow Public Market.

Oxbow Public Market
A large indoor market near the riverside with food vendors, local produce, and more.
610 1st St, Napa, CA 94559 (www)

24 Hours in Downtown Napa 24 Hours in Downtown Napa
Saturday, 3PM: Do you ever  forget to eat lunch because you’re having such a good time? Us too. We stopped in to one of our local favorites, Gott’s Roadside for a quick bite. On the way back to the hotel we stopped by Back Room Wines to grab a souvenir (Hint: Wine!) for later.

Gott’s Roadside
Burgers, beer, and wine, what more could you ask for? Casual and cool inside, their giant neon “EAT” sign makes for a really good instagram photo.
644 1st St, Napa, CA 94559 (www)

Back Room Wines
A casual no-pressure wine store and bar located on First Street. We picked up a bottle of Riesling to enjoy later on.
1000 Main St Suite 120, Napa, CA 94559 (www)


24 Hours in Downtown Napa24 Hours in Downtown Napa

Saturday, 5PM: The sun set on the west end of First Street in Downtown Napa and it made for a memorable sight from our balcony. I don’t feel like I’m a big “steak eater”, but every now and then I really crave a good steak. After watching the sunset we headed downstairs to Charlie Palmer Steak and it did not disappoint. We sat tucked into one of the booths while we enjoyed our dinner.

Charlie Palmer Steak
Sleek and sophisticated, located on the first floor of Archer Hotel, the steakhouse serves seafood, steak(duh), and more.
1260 1st St, Napa, CA 94559 (www)

Saturday, 8PM: In the mood to stroll downtown after our delicious dinner, we took a walk around downtown admiring various works along the Napa Art Walk and enjoying the beautiful weather. The rest of the night was spent with a delicious bottle of wine, a warm fire, and a relaxing bath.

24 Hours in Downtown Napa 24 Hours in Downtown Napa

Sunday, 11AM: One thing I never can resist is sleeping in. I also can’t resist room service breakfast. I never used to go for it but now I just can’t resist. It always makes getting ready in the morning easy, especially if you’re going to check out. The valet brought our car around quickly, and the drive home was painless. 24 hours doesn’t seem like a long time to stay somewhere, but our short and sweet adventure in Downtown Napa was just the break we needed from the usual Bay Area hustle we’re used to.

This post is a part of my City Guide series, click here to see them all.

Have you been to Downtown Napa? Any places you would add to this list? I’d love to hear!

This post is sponsored by Downtown Napa, a favorite place of mine in California. Thank you for helping to support the sponsors that make life here at Hej Doll a little sweeter.

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We live in South Bay and only two hours away from Napa. We try to get away every chance we have, and when we do, we often stay at the Andaz (I don’t think the Archer was open during our last visit). We feel a special bond with Andaz because our first stay was the night of Napa earthquake! Love the area of downtown Napa, everything is within easy walking distance. Hog Island Oyster in Oxbrow is usually our first stop and we love sitting at the bar. Cole’s is a fantastic steakhouse we visit often, though I will definitely try out the new one on next trip to Napa.

The Archer looks amazing. Such a perfect weekend retreat! Xoxo, K&E

It’s so great to see how Napa bounced back from those tragic fires. That just shows the toughness of local businesses and its citizens.

I love visiting Napa! The wineries are my favorite stop 😉 but this hotel does look amazing!

Being an East Coaster, I always plan vacations like this in my head and hope some day it will actually happen. The fires that way are so devastating! Everyone over there is so resilient and I love that they band together and move forward!

Napa is definitely on my bucket list. So awesome to see it thriving again after the devastation. Thank you for sharing.

I am dying to get to Napa, I haven’t been there since before I was legally allowed to enjoy wine (my brother got married at a winery there). This guide is awesome and I’ve saved it to use when hubs and I go!

We were there several years ago. Enjoys our very much.

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