Jul 08, 2015

3 Tips For Glamping With Kids


Recently I took a glamping trip with the boys. Some things went as planned, and others didn’t. Either way, I’m taking it as a learning experience and a chance to share with you my three best tips for glamping with kids.

Tips for Glamping With Kids

Tips for Glamping With Kids Tips for Glamping With Kids Tips for Glamping With Kids Tips for Glamping With Kids

1. Relax a Little
Accept that you’re there to have fun, and that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. As a matter of fact, it probably won’t be perfect. On our most recent trip I forgot some very important paperwork that I coudln’t check in without. We had to drive an alternate route to pick it up, but also used it as a means to snag a few other forgotten items. We didn’t follow our regular schedule, and although it resulted in a cranky late-napping toddler sometimes, by day two everything fell into place. I was amazed at how many kids were allowed to roam without supervision at the campground we went to. It was fairly enclosed and gated, but it reminded me of the time we spent outdoors while I was growing up.

2. Pack Light
You know this is my favorite part. You’re already going to be loaded down with regular gear and supplies for your trip, don’t add to it by packing a million toys for the kids. Let them pick one or two favorites and leave it at that. There are plenty of items around that they can play with or help with. Give them hints to bring items that might work well on this trip. For my boys I like to suggest binoculars and their slingshots. They also love to collect sticks and rocks to build tiny forts or compare the items.

3. Make it Educational
Pick up a nature book or learn a little before your trip and take this as a time to teach your little ones about nature. I’d suggest if you’re doing any hiking to first teach them about potential dangers. The more informed they are, the less you’ll have to worry. Søren isn’t quite old enough to identify plants, but Aiden knows what poison oak looks like and to avoid it. Søren is old enough to learn that it’s not smart to run down hill, even if he doesn’t always think about it. This can be a time for you to learn something as well, I’m currently learning how to read trail signs better while hiking. We may or may not get slightly lost every time we go.

Tips for Glamping With Kids

Have you taken your kids glamping or camping? Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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Wow, that looks like so much fun and what a great way to get away into the outdoors! I had no idea you could rent an Airstream so thank you for posting about it!
I bet your boys would like Letterboxing which is like an outdoor treasure hunt where clues are given to find a box. Once you find the box you put your name and stamp the notebook inside with a stamp that you’ve created based on your trail name. It’s a great way to get kids excited to go hiking and to have fun on trips. They are hidden all over the U.S. and you can even create your own box to hide!

I love this and that RV is adorable! Can’t wait to start taking trips with the kids when they get a bit older. Glamping sounds like my kind of camping, haha.

This sounds like so much fun. I love that the boys were able to have so much fun in the great outdoors and you didn’t have to sacrifice the luxury on your end 😉

Pretty much! I die at the thought of having to pack extra stuff or setting up a tent while Søren runs around eating rocks or off a cliff. He’s hard enough to watch when I’m not focused on anything else, haha.

I’ve always loved the idea of glamping. My husband scoffs at the very name of it, but I think it sounds fun! Also, just curious, what made your trip a ‘glamping’ trip instead of a camping trip? Your nice trailer? Or just because you’re a glamorous person? 😉

Glamping = Glamour + Camping

So glamorous camping! We stayed in an airstream at KOA (anyone can rent one!) and it was fully stocked with a kitchen/living area, a bathroom, a bedroom, cooking essentials, beds, linens, an overhang, a fire ring, heat and AC, cable tv, and wifi! We didn’t have to worry about setting up tents or cooking over only a campfire so it was a lot easier than trying to pack all of that stuff, and worry about meals and bathtime on top of managing the kids. I loved it because we were able to just have fun. 🙂

Sooo much fun! When I have kids one day I want to take them to stay in a airstream.

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