Jun 14, 2019

5 Ways I Help Relieve Stress

This post is sponsored by Stressballs.

[dropcap2_large]L[/dropcap2_large]ast year I made a major shift in the way I approach my own health and wellness. Over time I’ve come to learn that being healthy isn’t about a number on the scale or how you look in the mirror, it’s how your mind and body feel as a whole. Learning this and shifting my approach has made a huge improvement to how I feel as a person. Today I’m sharing the 5 ways I help relieve stress.

  1. Making decisions with intention.
    The fastest, though not always the easiest, way to curb stress in your life is to make decisions that don’t stress you out. Choose who and what you give away your energy and time to intentionally. This sounds much easier than it is done, but once you start you’ll never look back. The easiest step for me was to learn that it’s ok to say no. There are going to be some things you just can’t pass up, and in that case you’ll have to make the best of it.
  2. Move your body.
    Exercise has been one of my favorite ways to help alleviate stress in my life. Whether I’m upset or overworked, moving my body in a repetitive way has helped with any stress or anxiety I’m feeling. Running is my favorite go-to, but any repetitive movement should do: walking, biking, etc. Sometimes I take a spin class just for the repetitive movement that it offers my body.
  3. Getting a good night’s rest.
    Not only is a good night’s rest important for brain function, but it helps improve a lot of other aspects in your life as well. I find that when my mood is improved, I’m able to control the ways that I respond to stress better than if I’m running low on sleep.
  4. Using natural supplements to help alleviate stress.
    I recently started using Stressballs supplements. They come in a tasty gummy form and are available in both a day and night formula. The citrus day formula helps you destress* so you can remain focused, and feel energized throughout the day (caffeine free!). The calming berry night formula is a perfect way to help you relax*, calm your nerves, and get a good night’s rest. To learn more and purchase your own, they’re available at Walmart and online via Walmart’s website.
  5. Make time to do what makes you happy.
    Happiness is important and overworking yourself to the point where you don’t feel happy will cause burnout in all areas of your life. My favorite happy activities include running (killing two birds with one stone), night time baths, and getting a massage. Your happy activity has no limits, only that it should be something that makes you happy. It can even be sleep, ha!

What are some ways that you help relieve stress in your life? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

This post is sponsored by Stressballs. This shop has been compensated by P&G and its advertiser. The opinions and text are all mine.
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Really Very nice article

Not really focussed but I watch motivational videos online to distress.

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