Jan 06, 2015

52 Weeks Photo Series Tips

52 Weeks Photo Series Tips

Last year I completed the 52 Weeks Photo series. It consists of a photo of something (I chose my kids) every week for a year.

If you don’t know your camera very well, doing this series will allow you to practice more. I suggest brushing up on my Photo Tips series and using this time as practice. If your photos are sometimes too dark or too light, don’t sweat it. There will always be a next week.

I started out with single photos and eventually evolved into multiple photos per week. I tried to stick with a theme every week, something that was representative of that week in our lives. Some of mine were very obvious like holidays, but others were more specific to a feeling or other seemingly small event in our lives.

Our 2014 52 Weeks

  1. The 52 Project
  2. Homework + Help
  3. Sandbox
  4. Meow, Meow
  5. American Football
  6. Water Babies (Bath)
  7. Devilish Grin
  8. In Mexico (Travel)
  9. Bubble Mania
  10. In The Jungle
  11. Racing Duplo’s (Toys)
  12. Quiet TIme (Nap)
  13. Singin’ in the Rain (Puddle Jumping)
  14. These Boys
  15. These Feet Were Made for (Scooters)
  16. On the Farm
  17. At Play
  18. Party Animals (Søren’s Birthday)
  19. Park Life
  20. Little Artists (Fingerpainting)
  21. Fly A Kite
  22. Nightly Routine
  23. Proud Mama Moments (Graduation/dance show)
  24. In The Heat (Pool)
  25. Mother Nature (Flower Garden)
  26. Just Cruisin’ (From our Cruise)
  27. 4th of July
  28. A Formal Affair (Formal Dinner on cruise)
  29. Heavy Summer (Summer weather related)
  30. Daddy Time (Steve Videos)
  31. In the Garden
  32. Zucchini Bread (From the garden)
  33. Blue Dog Pizza (Eating out in Tahoe)
  34. Back to School
  35. Box Houses
  36. Bedtime Routine (Eric Carl Pajamas)
  37. At School (Playing on playground)
  38. The Sand Box (New house shaped one)
  39. Blocks on Blocks (Playing together)
  40. After School (Aiden homeowrk, Søren nap)
  41. Changing Spaces
  42. Light and Dark (Playing with light)
  43. Teaching Søren (Koala Crate)
  44. Getting Ink (Toca Boca Tattoos)
  45. Swamped (Tot spot and haircut)
  46. Happy Birthday Aiden
  47. Playground Fantastico (Napa)
  48. Magic in the Trees (Getting tree)
  49. Trimming the Tree
  50. Dear Santa
  51. Ninjabred Men
  52. Christmas Morning

So as you see, you can switch it up to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to really make this your own. You can take photos of anything you’d like.

I plan to host a linkup in each of my 52 weeks posts so that you can join in on the fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Do you plan on doing a 52 weeks project? Any other questions? I’d be happy to answer in the comments below! And don’t forget, today is the last day of week 1!

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Oooh! This sounds excellent! I’d love to join a new link-up! Can I start this today? 🙂

Sure! The linkup runs through the end of the second week of January. 🙂

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