Apr 30, 2013

A Birth Story

Exactly one year ago today, this happened.

DSC00488 DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00495 DSC00499 0R2C8361 DSC00503  0R2C83660R2C83740R2C83760R2C83800R2C83820R2C83850R2C83900R2C83920R2C83940R2C8399 DSC00507 0R2C84210R2C84680R2C84720R2C84770R2C84880R2C8495-20R2C85020R2C85760R2C85860R2C86090R2C86110R2C86540R2C8759    DSC08725

Thank you so very much to my amazing photographer friend Tom Vo for taking most of these.

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these are so beautiful, exactly what i needed to see right now.

Thank you. Best of luck on your journey. I hope that you have a wonderful birth.

Oh, these are just beautiful, Jess. I can’t believe he’s already a year old! WOW! Happy 1st birthday Soren <3

Thank you. I know, time flies! 🙁

Such beautiful photos.. This reminds me of my own birthing experience. Happy birthday to your little one. 🙂


Happy Birthday, sir Søren!!!

He says, “Thank you kind ma’am!”

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