Nov 15, 2013

A Decade


it all started with
ten tiny fingers
and ten tiny toes
ten years gone by
my love has grown

before you were born
i was naive and unaware
of the places we’d visit
sweet moments we’d share

brand new little boogs
short for booger, you see?
you soon outgrew your nickname
and became a part of me

now you are crawling
walking and running
soon you’ll be talking
ma-ma, mommy, look at me
exploring and adventuring

fast forward the clock
older, taller, and wiser
robots and inventions non-stop
all fill your thoughts

along the way
we’ve lost the years
a decade gone by
fighting back tears

you are ten years old today

ten is so big
ten is so small
you are so selfless
and also so tall

ten long fingers
ten big toes
ten years gone by
my love for you still grows.

i am so proud to be your mama, forever and always.

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beautiful words for a beautiful boy!

Sorry, it took me a minute to wipe away the tears.
That was so beautiful! I feel your love for him. He is so beautiful.
Is it possible for a boy to be beautiful? I think so.
I am so proud of you. You never cease to amaze me.
I will always be waiting for your next surprise.
I love you.

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