Nov 28, 2014

God Jul Pillow

make-a-modern-holiday-pillow-1With Thanksgiving over, my focus always turns to the Holidays. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because of how festive everything is. Today I’m partnering with Glade to bring you a fun holiday DIY for a “God Jul Pillow”. It’s not a huge secret that I’m a fan of scandinavian design, so I created a modern pillow that says, “God Jul”, which means Merry Christmas in Danish. Don’t worry, I’ve also added some other options in the free printable available below.

How to Make a Modern Holiday Pillow


20×20″ White Pillowcase, I used this.
8.5×11″ White Iron on Transfer Paper, I used this.
Printable with holiday phrases. Download here.

1 Gather your materials
2 Download this file and choose which phrase you’d like to use. Print only the page that image is on. You can choose from: God Jul (Merry Christmas in Danish), Joy, Happy, or Hygge (a feeling of happiness and coziness in Danish Culture). Don’t worry that the phrases are reversed, they need to be in order to transfer correctly.
3 Pre-Iron your pillowcase. I did this as my iron was heating up.
4 Iron on graphic in the center of the pillowcase, following package directions.
5 Let cool, peel off, and enjoy!

God Jul!

Make a Danish holiday pillow Make a Danish holiday pillow Make a Danish holiday pillow
This DIY post was created in partnership with Glade. Sparkling Spruce and Frosted Cookie Party candles were featured in this post. For more great holiday ideas, please visit their brand new Pinterest page. Thank you for supporting the brands that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

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I can’t wait to see how you decorate your tree, this looks beautiful so far.

This decor is so chic. The Scandinavian look is so cool right now.

LOVE this gorgeous pillow and love the pillowcase you used- that edge is the perfect modern touch to go with the design!

Freakin’ lighting in these pics make me so happy. If only that tiny Christmas tree (lol) was a palm tree.

Thanks! And Lol, a palm tree! 🙂

I LOVE decorative throw pillows and never thought to do my own. Such a good idea. Thanks! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 🙂

Thank you! I sometimes overlook easy DIY’s too, but this one only took about 5 minutes. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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