Mar 10, 2014

Our First All Inclusive

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The hotel that we stayed at during our trip to Cabo was our first all-inclusive experience. We usually like to get out and explore during our travels, but the all-inclusive aspect made it easy to just relax and be stress-free. It was all very beautiful and delicious! There were several dining options throughout the day, even a cupcake shop! We may have had more than our fair share of guacamole poolside, and dessert with every meal. Isn’t that what vacation is about?

Have you ever gone somewhere all-inclusive? Did you like it? Did you enter my San Francisco giveaway yet?

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[…] While the resort is officially named Beaches Resort Villages and Spa I prefer to just call it Beaches Turks and Caicos, or as the kids say when they see any photos from it “There’s that fun place mama, I want to go back!“. We stayed here during our recent trip to Turks & Caicos for the Social Media on the Sand conference and had a wonderful time. It was our only all-inclusive experience, after our trip to Cabo San Lucas. […]

I have only done one all inclusive resort and that was in Cancun (the king of all inclusives). It was a great experience and we enjoyed every second of it. I especially liked how they included all non motorized equipment (kayak, snorkel, flipper, etc.) in our all inclusive. The downside is the lack of exploring you do because you want your money’s worth with the food at the hotel. My husband is a huge fan though so maybe we will have to check out this hotel! It looks lovely! How far was the beach?

It’s on the beach. 🙂

Cabo! I’m hoping to get there very soon! I serendipitously won a voucher for a 3 night stay at a hotel in Cabo… just need to find affordable airfare! I’ll be checking out your Cabo posts to fuel my wanderlust. 🙂

Oh man, this looks totally gorgeous! Glad you had a relaxing time, and the end of free guacamole isn’t leaving too much of a hole in your life 😉 xoxo

I am a Californian, we LIVE for our guacamole! 😀

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