Best of 2013

Part one of a three part series. The boys grew so much this year, especially Søren who was just 8 months old when the year started! This post embodies Winter to Spring. It will take you through a growing baby, lots of trips to the park, hiking, horseback riding, Half Moon Bay, Easter, Texas, and a one year old Søren, smashing his cake.20130113-1Q8A3438 20130120-1Q8A3507 20130202-1Q8A3978 20130204-1Q8A4029 20130204-1Q8A4052 20130207-1Q8A4226 20130213-1Q8A5043 20130215-1Q8A5241 20130304-1Q8A6864 20130305-1Q8A6904 20130306-1Q8A7018 20130308-1Q8A7045 20130310-1Q8A7453 20130310-1Q8A7460 20130316-1Q8A7661 20130316-1Q8A7686 20130316-1Q8A7698 20130316-1Q8A7861 20130320-1Q8A7949 20130324-1Q8A8280 20130324-1Q8A8284 20130330-1Q8A8586 20130331-1Q8A8672 20130331-1Q8A8779 20130331-1Q8A8819 20130406-5Q6A8348EDIT 20130406-5Q6A8380EDIT 20130409-1Q8A9578 20130413-1Q8A9825 20130416-1Q8A0128 20130421-1Q8A0279 20130428-1Q8A0731 20130507-1Q8A1138 20130515-1Q8A1388 20130515-1Q8A1414 20130521-1Q8A1838 20130527-1Q8A2366

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  1. What lovely family you have. I have loved following along and can’t wait for next year!

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