Jan 02, 2015

Best of 52 Weeks, 2014

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I took photos every week of my boys. These are all of my favorites. To see the whole series, click here. Is this something that you are interested in doing? I plan to share tips and ideas regarding the 52 weeks project in a post next week.

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The love that over flows from my heart is to much to bear.
The brothers sharing a little kiss made it all spill out. Thank you so much
my granddaughter for always allowing this great grandmother to see these
most beautiful pictures. So intimate, and because I would have missed all
of those special moments, if you didn’t make “time stand still” in the blink of an eye.
I love you all so very much!

I love this idea. I love the true life pictures of your boys. Although I won’t be capturing little boys, I really want a photo journal of Craig and my life as boring as two old people can be. Starting this now.

Thanks Ellen. 🙂 I don’t think anyone’s life is boring as we are all different and can learn from each other!

I love seeing your weekly shots of the boys so I’m planning on doing the same thing this year. I figure I take a bazillion photos that I never end up sharing so why not?
Looking forward to seeing your weekly shots again this year 🙂

Ooh, I’m excited to see yours! I think most of my weeks I tried to stick with a theme, but I love seeing shots that “didn’t quite make it” to share because although they don’t always tell a story they usually include so many intimate details that you can pick up on about someone.

I found your blog through Awesome Bloggers and glad that I did. It’s so attractive and your pictures are just fantastic. You’ve gained a new reader.

Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

These are some really incredible photos! I’m starting a 52 this week and am quite nervous- would absolutely love some tips!!


Thanks Chelsea! Have fun with your 52 weeks, it is daunting at first but I promise it becomes easier once you get into a routine with it. I’m sharing the tips next week, including a full list of my “themes” last year.

I’m starting a 52 week project as well. Looking forward to reading your tips!

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