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I’m reminiscing a little about some trips that we’ve taken and visiting some images that I’ve never shared before and why I love them. Sometimes I feel such a connection to an image that I take, whether it’s the composure or a fond link to an adventure we’ve gone on. I honestly can not explain the emotions that I go through during some of our travels. I believe that it is so important to be able to slow down and spend time with your loved ones, whether you do it at home or abroad, make the time! It’s also a great time to clear your mind and focus on what is really important.

These are my entries for the Capture The Colour 2013 contest.

Red entry for Capture the Colour Contest
Red / During our entire vacation to København (Copenhagen, Denmark), I was so in love with the bright red color of all of the mail boxes. They always look so cheerful and whimsical, especially when paired with a contrasting building.

Yellow entry for Capture the Colour Contest
Yellow / The warm California sunset is often hard to ignore, especially when you are on Highway 1. It always brings back so many fond memories of our trips to the beach growing up. We’d arrive early to watch the fog retreat, and we wouldn’t head home until long after the sun had parted ways with the horizon.

Green entry for Capture the Colour Contest
Green / The tiniest of details can be found at the base of the tallest trees known to man. This photo was taken at the base of a 308 foot tall tree in Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve near Monte Rio, California.

Blue entry for Capture the Colour Contest
Blue / The blue waters that surround the island of Kauai are among the most beautiful in the world. It’s very hard not to be content when you are in their presence. Tunnels beach is a favorite spot of ours, from the beautiful calm waters to the giant honu (sea turtles) that swim alongside you.

White entry for Capture the Colour Contest
White / Up in the clouds is my favorite place to be. Going on a far away adventure, coming home. The familiar buzz of the engines is so comforting and being able to see the slight curvature of the Earth, our home, makes you feel so humbled to be able to call this beautiful place home.

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  1. awesome post, I love it! what a nice way to pay attention to details.
    stunning photos!

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