Feb 18, 2013


This is what happens when I leave him alone with Steve. Daddy’s always find a special way to bond with their children.

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I just want to eat his little baby toes up. This is by far my favorite age for babies. They are so inquisitive (and smarter than we think!), always exploring and learning new things, like little sponges. One of his new tricks is to lay himself down to look under things. I wish that he’d do it for more than a split second at a time because I never have my camera ready when it happens.

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Beautiful photos. I remember my dad always being the one who would play rougher with us.

I like reading about your familie.

What a cute post!

i love his little toesies they are so adorbs

I love his “Wild At Heart” tee, where is it from?!

Thanks! It’s from the brand Mini Rodini – http://www.minirodini.com

the first 2 pics i just love, he is so tickled dad is pushing him around, just a look of sweetness 🙂

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