Jun 06, 2016

Destination, Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch Travel Guide, a gem north of San Francisco, California. Sea Ranch Travel Guide, a gem north of San Francisco, California. Sea Ranch Travel Guide, a gem north of San Francisco, California.

While the weather has been heating up for Summer, I’ve got my eye focused on our next trip. We’re headed to Sea Ranch (The Sea Ranch), California! It’s on the coast, north of San Francisco and Bodega Bay. The weather is much, much cooler there, with highs in the 60’s. After our trip to Mendocino, this is one of the places we drove through on our way home. I would have loved to have been able to stop and explore more, so I’m really excited that we’re getting the chance to do so now. Here are some places on my list:

Fort Ross Historic Park
This place looked really adorable (in a 6th grade toothpick fort sort of way) when we drove by, so I’m really excited to return with the family to check it out.

Salt Point Nature Preserve
Cool reserve with lots of hiking trails, including a beach with Tefoni Sandstone rocks (pourous Sandstone, looks alien!).

Stengel Beach
This looks like a fun beach for exploring, with a small stream and easy access. 

Tidepool Beach / Harbor Seal Rookery
I’ve heard this is the spot to see Harbor Seals, and that March – July is when they have their babies.

Gualala Point
We stopped here during our drive, but not for long. I’m looking forward to exploring more with the boys and showing them the cool driftwood structures on the beach.

Bowling Ball Beach
I’m dying to see this in person (hint: It’s the 3rd photo down!). We drove by last time and the tide was too high for us to see anything. Keeping my fingers crossed that the timing is right!

Do you have any other recommendations for me? I’d especially love to hear about places to eat anywhere between Gualala and Bodega Bay.

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Oh my heart, this is so precious! Your write-up is so awesome! This would be the perfect place to take my family for vacation!

Sorry these pointers are bit late- just made the discover or your blog. Sea Ranch and the entire Mendonoma region (Mendocino/Sonoma Counties’ coastal zones) are a favorite of ours

Love your photos of my favorite location.

Yes you must schedule Bowling Ball Beach on a low tide. It is an incredible location. But it is a challenge to get down to. While there’s a pleasant trail once at the beach the drop below can be tricky . Last we were there (April ’16) the makeshift ladder had fallen apart.

There are two rookeries at Sea Ranch, the second near our vacation rental home, is at Green Cove- it’s more a nursery than location for birth (see my blog :Top 10 Incredible Sea Ranch Harbor Seals Secrets Revealed/http://searanchabalonebay.com/marine-mammals/sea-ranch-harbor-seals/). The docents (I served as one this year) are ready with the answers to your questions about the birthing season of the harbor seals.

Fort Ross not only has the replica of the fort (sadly burnt down in the ’70s). it has a great museum and wonderful picnic and diving areas.
Salt Point is also a great location for picnics and mushroom hunting (just be sure to bring a person who’s familiar with mushrooms before you eat them).

We have a listing of recommended restaurants found here: http://searanchabalonebay.com/mendonoma-restaurants-sea-ranch/ One thing you’ll not find in the area is any fast food. My favorite is St. Orres. It is consistently a marvel.

Let us know the next time your our way again. Be happy to offer more insider tips!

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Now I need to go here! Your photos always make me feel like I am there and then I remember I’m in my apartment hahaha.

Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

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