Sep 07, 2012

DIY: Gold Dots Tablecloth

If you loved the tablecloth at my Cupcakes & Champagne party, you’ll love this tutorial! All you’ll need is:

  • Ikea flat twin sheet ($3.99 here) or an actual plain tablecloth
  • Freezer paper
  • Clothing iron
  • Circle punch in desired size (I used 1.5″)
  • Scissors
  • Gold paint (I used Martha Stewart brand.)
  • Sponge brush
  • Spare/scrap paper/old magazines/catalogs/newspaper

You will want to get your sheet/tablecloth as flat and wrinkle free as possible via ironing, etc. Take your freezer paper and cut it into squares larger than your circle punch and then punch out your circles. Some of them were stubborn to punch as a single sheet so it helped to line up two squares of freezer paper and then punch. I used the scissors to straighten up any crooked circles resulting from fights with my craft punch. Iron the paper glossy side down onto your cloth aligning the circle cut-outs wherever you would like your dots to be.

Since my cloth was so thin and I didn’t want to paint my dining table as well, I ripped up pages from an old catalog and placed a piece large enough to save my table under where I would be painting them. Using the sponge brush, then paint your circles and allow to dry for a few minutes. I didn’t really wait around, I simply moved on and ironed more freezer paper down and painted more circles. As I moved my cloth across the table I simply removed the freezer paper and discarded. You might be able to re-use it as another stencil but I’m not sure if A) you would want to iron over the paint or B) if you would even be able to re-iron.

The “tablecloth” survived the party and I was actually able to wash it in my washing machine on delicate and dry on delicate with no damage. Success!

I’m currently scheming up a list of other items I can cover in this beautiful paint.


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i read your article and loave it so much ,thank you so much.

Love this tut!

this is just perfect!

I loves the tablecloth in the pic. This looks nice an easy to do!

I thought the tablecloth was so cute and it was so pretty with the garland you had up!

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