Double Duty Wardrobe, The Scarf

My double-duty wardrobe, the scarf. Why I always bring a scarf for travel and why it makes the best accessory. My double-duty wardrobe, the scarf. Why I always bring a scarf for travel and why it makes the best accessory.

Wearing the Cuyana Alpaca Cape around town as a cape and during my trip to Iceland as a scarf.

With all of my experience packing light and making my travel light packing lists, I think the most common item in all of them is a simple scarf. A scarf serves many functions during travel no matter what type of climate you’re in. It can be used as a scarf, a pillow, a swimsuit cover up, a blanket on a cold flight, or even a nursing cover. The possibilities really are endless! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to use a scarf, as well as some of my favorite scarves.

For warmer climates…

When the weather outside is warmer I still like to bring along a thin scarf. It’s hard to predict the weather or temperature in transit. You can utilize your scarf to help keep warm in cold airports and planes, then use it as a swimsuit coverup or wrap dress once you arrive at your warm and sunny destination. I sometimes even use mine as a small blanket to sit on at the beach or during other explorations. The good news is that a light scarf doesn’t take up much space in your bag at all.

For cooler climates…

When I know I’m headed to somewhere that is cold, I always, always pack a scarf. I use it on the plane in combination with my warm jacket as a pillow or blanket, or if I’m already warm enough it’s fine tucked away in my bag. Once I reach my destination, my favorite item is the Cuyana Alpaca Cape (pictured above). It can be worn both as a comfortable cape or as a nice big scarf once you reach your destination.

Shop my favorite scarves:

Do you travel with a scarf? What are your favorite ways to wear a scarf?

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Responses to “Double Duty Wardrobe, The Scarf”

  1. I love double duty anything when it comes to fashion. That means you can travel lighter

  2. Just curious, when wearing as a cape, do you ever find it difficult to manage your purse? I had one for awhile, and found that it would always bunch up under the straps (though this may have also been due to the fact that it had fringed ends), essentially trapping my arm!

    1. Oh, that does sound frustrating. I’m usually ok with mine. If anything, I get annoyed at the wide sleeves before my purse will go anywhere.

  3. Neely Moldovan

    I love that scarf! I am such a sucker for giant scarves/wraps so this is so my kinda thing!

  4. These are good recommendations. It’s definitely going to be a good idea to keep a couple of different scarves around.

  5. I love the different patterns and materials that you can get scarfs in. They can be used both for function and styling of outfits!

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