Driving Up the Peninsula

Santa Cruz WharfBreakfast at the Dream InnShark Tooth Rock California Coast Artichoke Plants Artichokes on the California Coast Shark Tooth Beach Shark Tooth RockShark Tooth Beach UssieKite Surfing California Beach Highway 1 California California Beach Path California Beach Pigeon Point Light House BMW Cruising California Beach California Pelican California Pelican California Coast California CoastWatching SurfersCalifornia SurferCalifornia Coast Surfer Watching Cruising Highway 1 in California

If you haven’t come across me professing my love for Highway 1 yet, I’m about to do it again. After our short stay in Santa Cruz, we drove up highway 1 to San Francisco. Driving along any section of Highway 1 always makes my heart flutter. We stopped at various points during our drive from Santa Cruz to Shark Tooth Beach, to the Hanging Bunker just before Devil’s Slide Tunnel.

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Responses to “Driving Up the Peninsula”

  1. While all of these shots are gorgeous, I think your long mane of blonde hair steals the show!!!

  2. What white pants are those?? Oooh, I love them on you. And that burgendy polish.

  3. Angela A Simmons

    Oh I miss the bay area & central coast so much. my husband is in the military so we had to move to Texas. seeing these pictures brings back so many memories. I was born and raised in Monterey. We use to have bon fires on the beach in Santa Cruz and go camping in the mountains. I really miss those days. I haven’t been home in over 6 years 🙁 Thanks for sharing these photos

  4. Savannah

    These photos are gorgeous, and so is that scenery, wow! I really need to visit California one day.

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