Jul 26, 2016

Easy Care Indoor Plants

One of the main items that bring me joy in our home are my plant babies. Not only do they bring fresh air to the space, I feel like they make it feel more like a home. Today I’m sharing with you my top 5 easy to care for indoor plants. These little ones are hardy and I have to admit that I’m not always the best plant mom, as they are a little neglected when we’re on the go. Sometimes a friend will water them for us, but others they’re left ten days in sweltering heat without water (cough, Iceland, cough). Either way, they’ve stayed true (or green) for me over the test of time.

Easy to care for indoor plants.

Left to right: Elephant’s foot, Money tree, Parlor palm, Snake plant

1. Elephant’s Foot
Indoor, Indirect light, Water sparingly.
We’ve had one of these for nearly 6 years, and while we can tell when it needs some love, it always keeps on going. When the leaves dry out, turn brown, or seem to be too thin I simply trim them and be sure to give it a little extra love in the form of water.

2. Money tree
Indoor/Outdoor, Indirect bright light, Keep deep soil moist.
This plant for us started out in a tiny egg sized container at only a few inches tall. It is not the typical braided style money tree, but is happy to put new leaves on for us as it grows. It’s another that we’ve had for years and always seems happy.

3. Parlor Palm
Indoor, Indirect light, Water moderately.
A new addition to my roster of plant babies, this one I picked up at IKEA and it seems very happy to be in with the rest. It does require a little more water than them, but with weekly watering has put on new leaves for me.

4. Snake Plant
Indirect light, Water very sparingly when soil is dry.
Although these plants need well-draining soil because they can easily rot, they also do very well with neglect and infrequent watering. If you’d like more leaves they can easily be propagated to make the plant larger as well.

5. Succulents
Indoor/Outdoor, Bright or sunny, Water sparingly.
These little cuties need little water and can easily be over-watered. They aren’t fickle with light as long as it’s bright enough for them, and should be planted in well-draining soil like cactus potting soil to keep the roots from rotting.

That’s it! I keep a few others in my home but they are not as easy to care for or as happy when we leave them alone.

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Do you have any favorite easy to care for houseplants? I’d love to hear about them!

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I don’t have any inside plants right now….I’m still working on keep my outside ones alive but these are such great tips!!

Taylor | http://www.styleiseverythingblog.com

awesome! I don’t have any right now, but you make me want some. that mug is the cutest!
Southern Elle Style

I needed this post! I was recently gifted succulents and i think i am over watering them! They aren’t looking so hot right now! Thanks for your help!

This is so helpful… as I am all about easy to care for indoor plants…. and I do have a money plant and LOVE that one! I will be checking out these other plants!
Karen | GlamKaren.com

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