Oct 05, 2016

Fall 2016 Wishlist

1. Flannery Turtleneck / 2. Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Subnormal  / 3. Kjær Weis Glow in Radiance  / 4. Sylvain Le Hen Barette 021 XS / 5. Acne Studios Isa Ribbed Wool Turtleneck Sweater / 6. Veja Esplar Sneaker / 7. Clarisonic Mia Fit / 8. Melissa Joy Manning 14 Karat Gold Aquamarine Earrings (my birthstone!) / 9. Little bkr Water Bottle in London

This morning when I woke up the house was cold, and I briefly considered turning the heater on. This is usually the time when I know Fall is here, and today I’m sharing my Fall wishlist with you. Last Fall I was all about a few of the necessities in life, and I think I’ve come full circle. While I’d still consider these necessities, I think these are a little elevated and speak to the quality over quantity motto that I’ve adapted throughout my life over the course of the last year.

1. Flannery Turtleneck
Last year I ended up with a navy turtleneck, but deep down inside, I really wanted black. Maybe this year will change. This one is a feel good item from Amour Vert in San Francisco.

2. Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Subnormal 
I read in a magazine that this is the most perfect gray nail polish. I’m hoping it rings true because it looks wonderful!

3. Kjær Weis Glow in Radiance 
I just found out about this brand from a Danish makeup artist, and it is full of feel good vibes. The packaging is beautiful and you can purchase refills, for less waste.

4. Sylvain Le Hen Barette 021 XS
These barettes have been everywhere this season, and I can’t wait to snag one for myself to help keep my long hair at bay.

5. Acne Studios Isa Ribbed Wool Turtleneck Sweater
Another turtleneck, I know. This sweater is from one of my favorite brands and looks so chunky, cozy, and warm. I’d love to pair it with some leather-look leggings and a pair of boots.

6. Veja Esplar Sneaker
Sneakers like this are not usually my thing, I’m more of an athletic shoes type of girl but this casual pair has been on my radar for awhile. Maybe this season I’ll be brave and order them.

7. Clarisonic Mia Fit
Transitioning between the seasons is always so rough on my skin. The Mia Fit is the perfect size for on-the-go or at home cleansing. I love to use it with my Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser.

8. Melissa Joy Manning 14 Karat Gold Aquamarine Earrings (my birthstone!)
Not only is my birthstone Aquamarine, these earrings are stunning! I love the asymmetry of the design and these will definitely carry over to my Christmas list, haha.

9. Little bkr Water Bottle in London
A long time ago I received my first bkr from my friend Nancy as a birthday gift, and it’s been my go-to ever since. I’d love to pick up one in gray to match my current mood.

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What is on your Fall wishlist this year?

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Such a wonderful wishlist for the fall. I love that nail polish & sweater right away while the most favorite item is that Gold Aquamarine Earrings which looks simply gorgeous!

These are such great picks! I have the Clarisonic and love it but I definitely have my eye on the Acne sweater, it looks so cozy for Fall!

xo Rachel – To Hell in a Handbag

I feel like fall fashion is such a big thing this year and I have about 100 things on my wishlist. Love this post!

I just love your wish list. The turtle neck sweater looks perfect for fall. I need to find me some comfy cable knit sweaters.

I own a salon that carries Smith and Cult nail polish it is my favorite. This is a great list I think I am going to buy that turtleneck. Thanks you.

Great to know! The subnormal color on my list just came in and I love it. I think I’m going to order one of the light pinks now too. Let me know if you love the turtleneck and I might have to make it a little higher on my priority list so I can snag one up too. 🙂

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