Apr 12, 2016

Favorite Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

My favorite kitchen essentials, including: Chemex Coffee Maker, Salt & Pepper grinders, Wooden spatula, Schmidt Brothers knives, etc.

Every now and then it’s crossed my mind that while I’ve shared what my kitchen looks like with you, I haven’t yet shared what is actually in it! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite kitchen essentials, the ones I can’t even begin to picture a life without.

Chemex Coffee Maker, 6 Cup
We’ve had our Chemex since 2010 when we banished our electric coffee maker from our home. We haven’t looked back, except last year when it broke in a horrific accident (RIP my love) and we had to replace it. We bought a handy Coava Kone filter (stainless steel, version 1) for it, so we’re not creating any extra waste with filters. Plus, we can use it for tea, too!

Salt & Pepper Grinders
I ordered these originally because I enjoyed the look of them, but when they arrived they were much bigger than I anticipated. I was a little taken back at first, but now love the size. I can grind fresh salt or pepper over my food without getting it on my hands, and they hold much more than their tiny counterparts.

Schmidt Brothers Cutlery
We’ve always had a few random knives in our kitchen that we collected here and there, but nothing of real weight or quality until we purchased these. We bought a full set, but really only use these two. They’re so sharp that I didn’t even feel when I cut my finger once, yikes! I should have purchased just a couple because let’s get real, I’m not using a boning knife anytime soon. Nope.

Sur La Table Marble Serving Board
My marble board might be quite small compared to others, but in our tiny kitchen we don’t have a ton of space to store a larger one. I don’t make cookies often, so this comes in handy for the one time a year that I do. Plus we’re in a rental, so this will have to do until I can have dreamy marble countertops of my own.

Wood Cutting Boards & Teak Cooking Utensils
I am not a fan of plastic for cutting or cooking, so I found these great alternatives. I collect a new wood cutting board anytime I find one I really like, which isn’t often. The ones I have last quite awhile. The teak cooking untensils I picked upon Etsy as vintage and have yet to come across the set again anywhere. We’ve had them for 5 or 6 years and they’re still going strong.

Flour Sack Tea Towels
We go through towels in our kitchen so quickly, I’m not sure where they go. We try to avoid using paper towels so we use washcloths for cleaning, and towels for dishes, napkins, and any other job that requires a towel.

I also have a few other more obvious favorites, like our Vitamix blender blender which I use for everything from grinding coffee beans, to making smoothies. I feel like there isn’t anything it can’t do. Ikea Korken Jars are my favorite container for storing everything. Ev-ery-thing. Dry goods, to sugars, to leftover soup and such has gone into these babies. My Pampered Chef Mix-N-Chop (don’t laugh, it’s awesome.) gets major points too for being a multi-use smasher tool (Disclaimer: I am not a professional chef).

What are your favorite kitchen essentials? Anything good I should know about?

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Where did you purchase the wood cutting board

Hi Carol- That particular one is from H&M but most home stores have a good selection. Ikea has some nice wood ones as well. I have a few that I rotate through and love.

Those items can add so much character to a kitchen! Were those shot on top of a kitchen countertop?

They were actually photographed on my dining table, haha. 🙂

I love how rustic looking these utensils are. I could really use some more kitchen towels.

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

A set of good knives make all the difference when cooking! I had no idea what I was missing out on until I got married and my husband had a really awesome set.

Fizz and Frosting

I love the Salt & Pepper grinders! I literally would have never known to grab them as that if I was over at your place for a dinner party!

these are all such great tools. those S&P shakers are too cute!

xoxo, Preeti

I love your clean and rustic taste. Everything is so cool and unique. Those wooden handled knives must be mine!

My boyfriend has a kitchen essentials obsession because he likes getting different utensils and different things that’ll make the cooking experience “even better” but I don’t buy it. It’s like me buying workout clothes so I can be amped to workout…not the most effective 😉 Anyway I love this post because it helps me understand what we absolutely need in this house. HAHA! xx adaatude.com

I love the wood detail in these kitchen accessories! I love everything Sur La Table. It’s a serious danger on my wallet. XO

Anna || A Lily Love Affair

i love the wood utensils! we just registered for some pieces, for our wedding!
Southern Elle Style

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