Five Generations

Doll13 Doll8 Doll16 Doll15 Doll23Doll27 Doll29

Every time there is a family get together my Great Grandma insists on taking a five generation photo, because we are lucky enough to be able to. It’s usually poorly lit and in someones living room or at a crazy birthday party, not quite frame-able. This year for Christmas I wanted to do something special for her, so I had photos taken of all five generations in my direct line of family. They were all taken by the wonderful Emily Shores and you’ll have to excuse Søren, he was being a toddler in most of them.

Doll34 Doll39-2 Doll37

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Christmas eve today!

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  1. This is absolutely bloody fantastic, how amazing to be able to have five generations together in one photograph!! Fabulous, fabulous. A huge Happy Christmas to you and all your boys, Jessica 😀

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