Aug 28, 2019

Floral Ice Cube DIY

[dropcap2_large]A[/dropcap2_large]s this summer comes to an end I always feel like the longer days and hectic start of school give way to slower weekends and enjoying time with friends before the season changes. Lots of time is spent outdoors in an almost hygge-like state, savoring every last bit of warmth that summer has to offer. Today I’m sharing a very easy, yet poignant Floral Ice Cube DIY. I was inspired by Ashley Kane Harper who was inspired by Disco Cubes and I hope you’ll be inspired too.


  • Ice cube mold
    I used a standard ice tray but you can also use a fancy ice cube mold like this extra large mold if you’d like.
  • Florals
    If you’re only using them for decoration it won’t matter much, but if you want them to go in drinks you should choose add-ins that are safe to ingest. I used Chamomile flowers which are safe to eat.
  • Water
    I used filtered water from my Soma Water Filtration Pitcher since mine are edible, but if they’re just for decoration you’re fine with any type.
  • Scissors
    Since my stems were very thin, I used my kitchen scissors. You could also use garden shears if you’d like.



  1. Fill your ice tray or mold half full or completely full if you want the flowers more on the top of the cubes (or if you’re short on time).
  2. If you plan to make edible cubes, wash or rinse your flowers off very carefully so you don’t damage the blooms.
  3. Add flowers however you’d like them. Since my flowers have a flatter side, they ended up standing in the tray. Trim the stems shorter if you need to so that they fit into the space neatly.
  4. Freeze (and enjoy if your flowers are on top).
  5. Fill remaining part of ice tray.
  6. Freeze again and enjoy!

I imagine that these would be very delicious if you freeze mint inside and used them for mojitos too.

Have you ever made fancy ice cubes? What kind did you make? What kind would you make?

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Thanks for such a beautiful post, very informative and useful article, how long did the work take?

OMG that is so adorable and pretty!

Eeeek! I can’t wait to do these with edible flowers and herbs!

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