Dec 19, 2013

Free Printable Christmas Coupon Book

Last year for my son Aiden’s gift we made a christmas coupon book filled with coupons for things we knew he’d love. He’s old enough to understand the concept of coupons, and we wanted him to have more practice with making choices about his spending. Some of his favorites over the last year were; “Movie Night at Home”, “You Pick Dinner”, and “Picnic at Park”. We made quite a few, I think we went a little crazy because he only used about 25% of them. I was just glad that we weren’t adding any more stuff to his collection because at the time his room was very small and full to the brim. We plan to do the same this year and have designed a more stylish coupon that I’m sharing with all of you! I like to print mine on card stock and after cutting, clamp them all together and paint the end with almost any sort of craft glue, similar to how a pad of paper is made. Alternatively you could punch a hole in the corner and use a fun ribbon, baker’s twine, a binding ring, or even a brad if your book is thin enough. You can click on the image to download the PDF, or you can simply click here.

Free printable Christmas coupon book

Some of our favorite ideas to include are:

  • Dinner Out with Mom
  • Dinner Out with Dad
  • Picnic at the Park
  • Bike ride to the Park
  • $5 Cash
  • Get Out of Chores
  • Mom Cleans Room
  • You Pick Dinner
  • You Cook Dinner
  • Movie Night
  • Extra Dessert
  • You Pick Trip
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