Jan 20, 2014

Gaviota State Beach

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If I said the weather here isn’t beautiful I’d be lying. It’s January in California and we’re averaging 73 degrees and sunny. Part of me knows that this means we will see liquid sunshine February through June but it will come with a warm welcome. This sort of weather seems to happen every few years anyway.

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Great to meet you on Friday! Looks like a lovely day at the beach. I too have been enjoying this summer weather, but I wish we’d get some rain to end this drought! 🙁

It was nice to meet you too! I wish it would rain as well, I miss the rain and we do really need the water. I really don’t want to see what the price of produce is going to be next year. 🙁

These pictures are so beautiful!

Thanks! Your house is coming along so lovely, too!

Beautiful location! I love the matching brotherly outfits! Too cute!

Thanks! Sometimes I match them on purpose but this time I didn’t even realize, lol. It was just the only sweater we brought for Søren on this trip!

gorgeous beach! I can’t get enough of beach photos 🙂

Thanks! I loved the lines of the rock jutting up from the beach.

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