Nov 15, 2016

Get Your Home Ready for Entertaining

How to get your home ready for entertaining

Last weekend I hosted my older son’s 13th birthday party. Not only did it remind me just how fast time flies, but it also reminded me of the work that goes into getting your home ready for entertaining. I feel like since his birthday falls earlier in November, it helps prime the house for any other holiday get-togethers I may have later on, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Today I’m sharing some of my go-to to-do’s for my house before I take on any entertaining around the holidays. I hope these tips will help you buckle down and get what you need to get done before the party starts.

1. Clear the clutter.
When party-season comes around, I usually like to keep the clutter at bay more so than usual. I clear spaces of personal items, and put breakables in a safe place to avoid any accidents during the party. I prefer to leave just enough to make my space feel warm and inviting.

2. Know how and where to clean.
I know, it sounds so bad, right? I try to keep my house clean most of the time, but in the two hours of absolute madness you have before a party you will absolutely need a better strategy. You can get away with doing a quick clean of most of your home, but there are some places (like the bathroom and kitchen) that will need special attention. In the kitchen, be sure the stovetop and sink are clean and clear of any unused dishes, and in the bathroom be sure there is an ample amount of hand towels, as well as other pleasantries like hand cream and room spray.

3. Plan logistics.
What type of party are you hosting? Will you need seating for dinner or a larger table area? Think ahead to how large your guest list may be, and arrange for the necessary equipment for your party. You may want to consider moving furniture from one room to another, or arranging it so that it creates a better gathering area or flow. Sometimes we like to bring our dining chairs into our living room to make more seating, and if we’re feeling frisky we’ll relocate our dining table as well to make room for the party setup.

4. Gather supplies.
Think about the general feeling you want during your party. What type of party is it? Do you need to make any decor changes or buy anything special? You can add ambiance with lighting and music, be sure to gather all of your supplies ahead of time so you have less stress on the day of. Before more important events, I even draw out a plan (or make mental notes) about where everything should be and what exactly I’ll need for that area. It helps ease stress on the big day.

5. Be a good host and enjoy.
Try to offer a warm welcome to guests as soon as they arrive. Having readily available food and drink on hand or out is helpful, even if you’re planning a sit-down dinner later. Don’t forget to work the room, moving from one guest to another to make them all feel included. Being a good host isn’t an easy job, but if done right your guests will rave about your party.


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What are some of your favorite tips get your home ready for entertaining?

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This year we are not hosting a holiday at thanksgiving, which is new for us. We usually have a houseful of out of state guests. So I am like a mad woman the week before getting everything in order. I have to say I have been so busy at work that I am so happy to not be hosting this year. I’m not even going to clean my house! ☺ this year I’m hiring someone else to do it for me!

Bahaha, yessss! That is the way to go. Have a great holiday!

I can’t believe it already time. Where did the time go?

Great tips here. I need to get on the ball for next week.

I love to put out spice scented candles when I’m getting ready for family and friends to come over for the holidays. The importance of a wonderfully scented candle (or candles, in my case) cannot be overstated. They really help boost the spirit of the holidays.

Yes, great tip! Scent can totally change someone’s mood!

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