May 09, 2014

Gift Guide for the Travelin’ Mama


01. State Print / 02. Comfy Flats / 03. 36 Hours / 04. Laundry Bags / 05. Card Holder / 06. Stripper to Go / 07. Morrocan Oil Travel Set08. Carry-On Satchel / 09. Luggage Tag / 10. Silk + Cashmere Wrap / 11. Stylish Sunnies / 12. Travel Map

Does your mom have the travel bug? Keep her moving in style with these travel-inspired gifts.

01. State Print / Give her a print of her favorite state she’s been to or lives in.
02. Comfy Flats / These pastel flats will be comfortable and stylish for all of her travels.
03. 36 Hours / A dreamy guide to wanderlust worthy weekends in Europe.
04. Laundry Bags / Because no one, especially Mom, likes dirty laundry floating around.
05. Card Holder / This stylish card holder will keep all of her cards in place while on the go.
06. Stripper to Go / Nail polish remover travel wipes. Don’t have to put these in with liquids!
07. Morrocan Oil Travel Set / Luxurious perfectly sized travel essentials in a stylish bag.
08. Carry-On Satchel / So she won’t have to waste time searching for her luggage.
09. Luggage Tag / It’s bright color easily stands out and stores your information.
10. Silk + Cashmere Wrap / Light enough to pack and warm enough for a cold flight.
11. Stylish Sunnies / These cheery shades will put anyone in the mood to have a good time.
12. Travel Map / Scratch off, so she can keep track of where she’s been.

I know it’s a little last minute, but you can order most of these gifts online and pick up in store!

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I love the state print! I want one! Where do you even find most of these items?!

I just look online for stuff!

I’m not even a Mom, and I want all those things.

i love that state print! i’m slowly accepting the fact that california is going to be my home for a while. maybe forever.

Forever, yay!! California ❤️❤️

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