Aug 04, 2015

Stay Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel Tips from Frequent Travelers

I think one of the most thought about facets to travel, beyond packing and to-dos, is how to stay healthy. How do you hop onto a crowded form of transit and not come home sick? We don’t normally get sick, but we still do a few extra things when we travel to stay healthy. Today I’m sharing with you some of our favorite healthy travel tips, as well as some from a few other travel bloggers and people who travel often.

Stay Healthy Travel Tips

Our tips are very basic. We don’t normally follow any crazy special routine before our trips aside from the occasional extra vitamin C tablet.

  1. Eat healthy before, during, and after your trip. You’d be amazed at how much a change in diet can affect your overall health and wellness, and how avoiding the fast food counter can pay off.
  2. Stay active. We are active at home and when we travel we tend to stay the same. We enjoy going for long walks, swimming, or hiking. Park farther away and spare renting a car if you can, every little bit of activity helps.
  3. Relax. You’re on vacation now! And if you’re not traveling for pleasure, keep in mind that there’s no real benefit to stress during travel. It’s always easier in the long run to go with the flow.

These tip are very common sense, but can often go by the wayside unless you are conscious of them and stick to it. Just remember that if you follow the basics, you won’t regret it later. These tips are common for  a reason!

Tips From Frequent Travelers

“Get enough rest. And make elderberry syrup & elderberry gummies. They boost your immune system.”
Kate Skogen, JetKat Photo (recipe here)

“I always try and get a workout in every day, even if it’s for 30 mins in my hotel room. There’s plenty exercises you can do that require no equipment! I also opt for healthier food choices and bring a reusable water bottle that I can keep filling up to make sure that I am staying hydrated on the go.”
Jasmine Risso, Simply Real Moms

“I start drinking Emergen-C before we go on our trip, on the plane and then for the first couple of days after we arrive to make sure I don’t pick up any germs on the plane.”
Melissa Sanchez, Savvy in San Francisco

“Be conscious of the germ hot spots on an airplane. Harmful bacteria can live up to 7 days on the following areas: Tray table; Armrests; Headrest; Back of seat magazine pocket. Create the best germ-free zone you possibly can. Sanitizer wipes help do this. Be sure to wipe down the four germ hotspots mentioned above.”
Keely Watson, CEO, HeadDEFENDER

“Most of us lead fairly stressful lives, not just those in high-powered jobs. The primitive response of adrenaline is our body’s natural way of getting us through whatever it is we need to do. But as we start to unwind, in readiness for our vacation, the body realizes that it can use the time to relax and repair. As levels of adrenaline reduce and our immune system takes its foot off the pedal, so we get sick.”
Sue Oxley, No Fixed Abode For Sue

“Drink plenty of water on the flight. I have found that staying well hydrated and avoiding dehydrating beverages (like alcohol and coffee) not only eliminates the groggy feeling of flying, but helps flush out any bacteria picked up in flight. I almost never get sick anymore.”
Annessa Smith, Seeking Sunshine

“Tip- Eat healthy meals and stick to normal bedtimes. It sounds simple but by keeping your normal routines your body knows what to expect and you stay healthy. I travel with my 5 kids and husband and we stay healthy with this simple tip.”
Amber (Mama Munchkin), Global Munchkins

“Don’t overexert yourself or do more than you know your body can handle just because you are trying to squeeze as much activity into your vacay as possible-know your limits, & listen to your body.”
Lynda Thorn, Mixed Blessings Blog

“My best tip for staying healthy while traveling is to take care of known issues like allergies and asthma. There are a lot of unknowns that come with traveling, but if you have an issue that could flare up, take the time to prepare for it. I always start taking allergy medications at least a week before traveling anywhere and I never travel without my emergency inhaler. That way if I stumble across the pollen I’m allergic to or sit next to a cat owner on the plane, I’ll hopefully make it through with only a little sniffle and slightly red eyes.”
Michaelyn Pouncey, The Mousekatools Mom

Do you have any tips for staying healthy? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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I am leaving for Europe soon and will so take these into consideration- so important to know! thank you!

Oh man, I just got back from a vacation and I could’ve used these tips haha. We ate pretty poorly most of the trip and by the end I felt AWFUL. I don’t have the best eating habits anyway, tbh, and even I felt it! Also love the trip of drinking a ton of water – it makes a huge difference!

Great tips! I always feel best when I continue to workout even when on vacay but I haven’t been doing the best at that lately!! Now, I’m inspired!!

xo, Christina

These are great trips! I love going for walks or bike rides around new cities. Great way to be active and see the city!

I really need to try to take some emergenC. I am going to be traveling so much these next few weeks. I am so excited about your packing site and cannot wait to read more!! (PS I also agree rest is super important.. especially when your flight is at 6 am like mine is tomorrow):/

xoxo Amanda

totally agree with water when flying! i follow the schedule of where ever i am and don’t sleep in.

Lots of great tips as I try to be “healthy” during travel but I’m supposed to wine and dine my clients so it involves steak dinners with lots of wine! Not the healthiest scenario, but I do try to eat a salad here and there but I really need to stay active! Thanks for sharing as I’m pinning this one! xx

great tips! I swear everytime I fly I get sick!! xo

Really helpful tips! I’m going to Hong Kong in November, last time I went I got a terrible stomach so hopefully if I follow some of these tips I won’t be so bad this time! The only tips I can think of is drink bottled water only and don’t eat any raw foods such as salad as it may have been washed in water you body isn’t used to!
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