Mar 06, 2013


Søren was my little helper tackling Mt. Laundry while brother was home sick and resting. The good news is that he’s on the mend and returning to school. I’m so thankful that when one of us gets knocked down it’s not usually for very long.

1Q8A6874 1Q8A6876 1Q8A6879 1Q8A6882 1Q8A6886

.. And we had to kill some time while waiting for it to wash/dry (and fold itself) so we played with the new self-timer/remote for my camera. It kind of resulted in some cute photos. Kind of. How not to use a self timer:

1Q8A6896 1Q8A6899 1Q8A6902 1Q8A6904 1Q8A6910 1Q8A6911 1Q8A6920 1Q8A6938 1Q8A6936

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Oh my gosh, Jessica!! Your little boy is just too adorable for words! Is it weird that just looking at your photo set I want a baby of my own? Haha

So cute.. my boy was and still is obsessed with laundry.. now he helps me match socks 🙂

Yes, the matching socks age is so fun! My older one puts his own away now, even though I still fold it for him.

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